Heavy Swords and lack of Blessings

As far as I understand it, heavy swords are the most allrounder melee weapons there are.
Slower than the catachan blades but with better stagger and DMG per swing.
Not a single target monster like axes, but still sufficent with heavy attacks and special.

I feel as tho its trying to fill a niche, but kinda fails to do so in a meanigful way.

The max amount of impact / stagger you can achieve is just barely enough for crushers. Some special attacks with +30% impact talent and 5-stacks of headtaker do not stagger crushers. It feels more like RNG whether or not the emperor grants me a stagger. Meanwhile that meme of a catachan blade gets 4 IMPACT blessings…

My crit build just sometimes doesnt work, because I need 1 crit, to start the combo of crit % stacking via talents. The 5% crit perk on the weapon itself isnt enough. If you’re unlucky like me it procs way to late (or not at all).

Right now the heavy swords have 6 blessings. With Wrath, Savage Sweep and Perfect Strike all being basically cleave blessings, we are left with Headtaker, Rampage and Deathblow.
Headtaker is MANDATORY if you do not want to have a bad time.

What im saying is : This is a sword. A default Sword.

Not a knife, not a light blade, not an axe, not a hammer or some fancy chain-wroom-wroom

It should have more blessings, so that it can be personalised for different purposes.
The idea of an allrounder weapon that can be build for specific needs is much more interesting, than an allrounder weapon that shines in NO area.
Everyone builds their rejects for a specific task.
Some for hordes, others for specials.
Some for support, others for damage.

Weapons play a huge part in that. And if people are to take a heavy sword with them, it needs to fit their playstyle. So please give it some form of impact and crit blessings, so that it appeals to more people.

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Unused rend on cleave swing blessing, but mostly they are just unsure of how much more to power creep the weapon. It at least has blessings that provide something unlike the crusher, lmao 3x impact blessings and skullcrusher.

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