Thunder hammer seems underpowered

Compared to the eviscerator the thunder hammer has no real advantages. The eviscerator can cleave and kill elites faster with less risk when using the special attack. The special on thunder hammer should hit multiple enemies at once at least since it leaves you so open and maybe a damage boost to its normal attacks.


Funny as I was explaining that to people before early-beta was a thing. If you want to look at power weapon done right go check Power Sword. On charge it has infinite cleave, cleaves through armor and deals heavy damage making it probably with eviscerator the two best melee weapons to fight mixed hordes in game imo.

Thunderhammer is a joke compare to those two weapons.


I think thunder hammer would also be more viable if its light attacks damaged carapace (crushers, mauler heads). Right now it’s very frustrating to fight mixed hordes because you can’t take “quick” damage shots against armored elites in the horde after shoving, like you could with the greathammer in VT2 (which has the same moveset!)

Maybe it’s worthy of its own thread, but there’s also no visual indicator that your attacks aren’t damaging the enemy you’re hitting, like there was in VT2. I didn’t realize that the thunder hammer only did literally three (3) damage on mauler headshots until i booted it up in the meat grinder.


Yeah it feels pretty weak compared to the eviscerator.

Which is a shame because the headshots have a really nice crunch to them with an effect to match.

If you activate it you can oneshot Bulwarks and Reapers on Malice if you hit them with a heavy attack headshot which is cool, and activating it and hitting weaker enemies like poxwalkers and traitor guardsmen sends them flying which is hilarious tbh.

Aside from that though it feels pretty lackluster, especially since activating it and using a heavy attack only hits one target, whereas with the evisercator that lets it cleave through more targets.


Having used the TH for a bit on time, the design is completely wrong. There is a spot on the handle and head of hammer meet which has 3 indents, that should be turned into a charging indicator. The special needs to be a ground slam that either knocks them down or like the pskyers sith lightning shocks and stuns a decent radius 1m 2m 3m per charge. Its fairly good as a zealot with secondary charged and a chastise I’ve one shotted Heresy Rager in one hit, and with a bit of aiming you can really wreck ogryn heretics as it does a ton dmg but that’s about it. I went back to my Eviscerator simply because its the best weapon out there available to me.


Thunder hammer light attacks should be side to side and heavy attacked should be top down so when ever it becomes a CROWD CONTROL weapon like the game says it could stagger a generous radius of enemies on a heavy power swing down


At first I was like… “Another whiner”, then I used it…
Jeez, it is slow, it has no damage, the lightning buff is for 1 attack only.
I’m just confused to what role it might have.


Yeah it doesn’t really make it CC weapon in these settings unless you heavy attack only. Heavy attack should be Damage, light chain should be swipes and special should be something big not just bzzt applied on 1 mob.


I agree its under-powered.
Got one today as a reward at level 16: surprised that a heavy attack doesn’t even kill basic mobs on tier1 difficulty, only knocking them over. The damage ‘bar’ on its stats appears fairly good in comparison to my other weapons.


Agreed with everyone. The eviscerator, heck even the chainaxe are all way better for everything but Monstrosities. Eviscerator is straight up power in everything, chainaxe has the same ridiculous push-attack the fast axe has but is even better, and the hammer has… Brutal single target damage to unarmored enemies, but you have to charge it, which takes a hot second, then charge the heavy aaaand still need to single out the target from the horde… Yeah no, even switching to Bolter is faster and you 100% will kill the target.

If the weapon is supposed to be tough to use and punishing (meaning it takes a hot few seconds to prepare), make it cleave with the special. It won’t be as OP as already mentioned two weapons due to the long unspammable windup, but will become way more usable and fun. Other than that, the sound design and ragdoll feel great.


Commenting to say I agree.


After playing the eviscerator for so long I finally got the hammer today and it felt awful. The Thunder Hammer, feels like it’s attacks are backwards. Also, TH doesn’t have a great response when hitting something (the thunder powered attacks are out response wise), especially compared to tearing through enemies with the eviscerator.

The hammer seems like it would be best sweeping with light attacks and have massive overhead attacks with heavies, but it’s the reverse of that. If they swapped the heavies and lights around I think the experience would be a million times better, as well as, make the thunder attack have a duration and a small radius AOE on impact.


Honestly, everything is a joke compared to the power sword. It excels at every single thing a melee weapon can excel at. On the one hand I love the power fantasy it gives, on the other hand I get bored of it because it’s so strong that there’s no nuance to it at all.

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Try playing Ogryn and having legit 1 choice and thats club + shield and it has the worst heavy auto attack animation on a character that builds purely around heavy attacks. I never heavy attack as its useless against anything besides larger characters. And when i meet large characters im often just standing there behind the shield as a bullet sponge (which is fine if my heavy attack atleast was useful in aoe situations). In a few situations i do have the option to heavy attack the enemy is perma cced but animation is still god awful. Atleast when i play with power sword it feels good.

  • thaaat being said it kinda sounds like same problem ish as with ogryn. Only one viable build and thats power sword. More of the weapons should be usable.

I agree also, i keep bringing it because its badass, but in play it feels just so weak, the delay after using the special strike is far to long and leaves you so open you almost are guaranteed to take hits if you use it, which would be fine if it wasnt the Only option on the weapon to deal with super armor,

In vermintide 2 the hammer with this exact same attack pattern had amazing super armor damage on the light attacks and the heavy attacks were for horde clear, its like Fatshark forget thats how they tuned that weapon because in this game the light attacks deal a measly 2 damage to super armor, which is so little that I can only assume its a bug


Strongly agree.

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I definitely agree that it seems weak. I think making it more like VT2 hammer would be good, where it actually kills instead of just push people around, and I’d definitely like some armor pen on lights so i can pop maulers and ogryns. I think the special is good atm tho. It can be frustrating to go for the heavy with the special and hit something on the peripheral, but overall, its a lot of instant damage and feels nice imo. Only complaint is with base hammer damage. Feels really bad to do a heavy swing and not kill a heretic guardsman or not at least taking out two pox walkers


I want to ask y’all something, been thinking about it;

What’s the likelihood that the Thunder Hammer has been made generally weak due to it having the ability to 1-shot heavily armored mobs like the Mauler as well as all but one of the Ogryn mobs?

Additionally, it can 3-shot Beasts of Nurgle on Malice difficulty, haven’t tested that on higher difficulties.

This is possible with a Thunder Hammer that has a perk which increases the damage of the heavy attack relative to how long it’s been held - combining this with the weapon’s electric charge results in hits that dish out over 1000 damage.

Would we have to trade this special ability to dish out massive damage in unique circumstances in exchange for more generalization if there were to be a rework?

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The heavy charge perk only increases damage by 2-300. Not worth giving up momentum.

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I also made a thread about this. I agree with almost everything said here except that the lights should be cleave, and the heavies single target. I HARD disagree with this. That takes away from the 2h hammer’s identity. I also disagree that the heavy attacks should do more damage, the identity of the heavy attack is to have high damage on the first enemy hit, but to have very sharp damage dropoff.

Im going to breakdown what i beleive defines the v2 2h hammer, and what i beleive should change to make thunder hammer better.

The 2h hammer’s defining features in v2 were

  1. heavy attacks that could cleave and control armored elites

  2. Extremely high armor damage on light attacks (including super armor)

  3. High stagger

  4. Low damage cleave

The only one of these that darktide thunder hammer has is 3(ish) and 4. On top of all these nerfs from v2 2h hammer the push attack was also reverted to its original state where it hits only 1 target instead of having a simmilar damage profile as the heavy attack. Keep in mind that the 2h hammer in v2 is considered by many a mediocre weapon already (i disagree but i am kind of biased as it is my favorite weapon)

I assume the special attack was intended to make up for these undeserved nerfs. Sure the damage is great(about the same as chain weapons with an edge against carapace and unyielding) but the recovery is longer than the chain weapons and it only hits 1 target. Good luck using it when you need it most because if you use the light special in an attempt to snipe an elite amidst trash you loose out on a large amount of damage and the recovery and dodge lock lead to you getting hit.

Changes that i want to see

1.restore the ability to cleave armored elites

2.remove dodge lock on the weapon special entirely. With chain weapons it makes sense that you cant dodge when sawing into the enemies, however it makes no sense for the thunder hammer to be dodge locked for about three seconds after using a special attack.

  1. Add carapace armor damage to the light attacks and increase their damage. The light attacks should be some of the most damaging single target attacks outside of powerups in the game. They are really not very exciting currently.

  2. Buff the light special attack damage to what the heavy special does currently. This gives an actual reason to use this version of the special.

  3. Make the heavy special some kind of aoe with low damage, but high stagger. Someone suggested a ground pound, while this sounds great i have a feeling there is not enough time to add that. I think just adding an exlosion to the heavy or giving it infinite cleave or something simmilar would work too.

  4. Add cleave back to the push attack.

  5. If neccesary nerf weapon special damage

I think all of these changes would solidify the thunder hammer as a high single target damage weapon with low horde clearing capabilities but high crowd control, clearly differentiating it from the eviscerator. These changes would also make the weapon generally more pleasant to use.

I am very desperate for this weapon to turn out well. I hope it pans out considering all the other stuff fatshark has on their plate