About thunderhammer

Big Vermintide 2 fan here! Recently I leveled up my Zealot to lvl30 and tried thunderhammer in 8 or so games. I don’t want to whine about it being useless or something like that but I have to point to some issues with this weapon.

If you want my quick tldr: weapon is OK but there’s no reason in using thunderhammer, while evicerator exists because the latter is better in literally everything. The only thing that thunderhammer does better is beating the living crap out of bosses. I assume it’s because TH does %max HP damage with special attack but that is it.

The main problem I see with this weapon is lack of power by default. it does mediocre damage, it penetrates armor poorly it has somewhat low cleave and for god’s sake it has SLOW charge up and THE SLOWEST recovery from special attacks. You’re literally stuck in place for 2 seconds and on difficulty 4/5 it’s a death sentence for sure (Also considering chip damage through toughness lol). Even on low lvl3 difficulty there are some ranged non-elite mobs that can survive TH’s bonk to the head.

The whole design of a weapon is absolutely awesome and fun but as a fan of Grail Knight + heavy hammer in Vermintide 2(sorry for a bit of bias) I’m confused a little by how thunderhammer is outclassed by evicerator. I used both of them and from perspective of usefulness chainsword is just better.

If you want my suggestion: make it’s special attack faster in terms of charging up, reduce recovery time, also buff default attacks for just a bit so it actually feels like a good weapon overall.

Also i have another idea of mixing charged state of hammer and power sword: you have only one power swing(+cleave/damage) but instead of stopping against any horde mob and obliterating him and his entire family line your power is getting consumed only if you hit sturdy enemy like shotgunner or trapper. I may not be super clear about this suggestion but you get the idea.

It sucks when you want to delete dangerous elite enemy but instead you’re evaporating some poor trash mob.

And the last thing: please do not nerf evicerator so it’s equally powerful as TH. The latter just needs some love and couple of adjustments.

Thanks for reading.