Thunder hammer seems underpowered

As another one of the people asking for a bit of love for the hammer, I agree with everything you say apart from wanting the special to do some AOE. I feel like the special is in a good spot at the moment and just needs a bit of tweaking but the complete neautering of the lights really make no sense to me.

If the combat designers are going to take the moveset of the 2h hammer from VT2 (one of the most balanced and rarely buffed/nerfed weapon in the game), then why try and reinvent the indentity of it by removing its main draw where it can pick elites out of the crowd and cronch them.

It just feels bad and makes no sense to me. I did some testing with thunder hammer and MkV axe and the special of the axe, which is a stab with the axe hilt, does 5 times more damage than the 2H hammer light to carapace (11 vs 2 damage). That’s just silly.

For sure it was made that way on purpose. The bad thing is though that the special ability to nuke Monstrosities and specials (except for the carapace armored ones) is not what your melee weapon is for, unless you run a flamer with it I guess, but that is a different bag of worms, you can’t really use that in a pickle if you get surrounded and you are basically useless against the most important enemies that stay long range.

It’s so outweighted by the fact that you can’t effectively deal with a horde, or the specials you are supposed to nuke if they are inside a horde, so bad, that you can’t survive at Heresy or above. The time it takes to nuke something (you even can’t when there are more enemies around), you making yourself so vulnerable that you will get hit like 80% time, get staggered and miss makes it really really bad. Monstrosities are not that big of an issue anyway and all the things thunder hammer does, can be done with a bolter in far safer and more reliable way. Heck swinging the eviscerator at the armored enemies is way more safe and probably takes the same amount of time anyway, especially since you can rev it up and swing almost immediately.

My main issue is the poor cleave and no chance of hitting the target with the special if they come with a horde. That means you effectively don’t have a wave clear or crowd control (compared to evis or axes) and the OP special is basically useless since you can’t hit the target most of the time. Meanwhile you can switch to bolter and nuke anything you see. And saving a weapon just for monstrosities is really bad if you can’t contribute otherwise.


Yeah, pretty much my thoughts exactly tbh.

Between this and the dodge nerf and all the other jank, my hype has been dampened quite a bit.

Beta’s almost over and I feel like a fool for recommending this game to my friends who are also feeling burnt.

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Thudner hammer light attacks are trash - heavy attacks are to slow and you get staggered out of them to often.

A charged hammer attack feels great but it’s hard to use and almost never the right call.

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Just want to leave my feedback on this topic and I agree with the OP.
Thunder hammer feels very underpowered, the damage is too low and especially the special it done wrong. It leaves you exposed for a long period of time without having an aoe stagger. The heavy swing in particular just feels so underwhelming… I was expecting it to blow up in an aoe and knock people back. As it stands I can’t ever use it in hordes and god forbid you charge a heavy and it hits something that came running in other than your main target and then you just take damage for no reason…


Also agreeing that the thunder hammer needs a buff for basically all of the reasons mentioned in this thread. Increasing the cleave amount on heavies and push attack, and increasing the damage/AP of the lights would fix it. Weapon special is optional change depending on how risky the devs want it to be. People just will or wont use that function as long as the rest is good

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Just want to say I agree with this. Currently running the eviscerator and it’s way better than TH, just more viable in far more situations. TH is pretty much only for killing elites/specialists. Would be good if you could use lights to stagger a bunch of poxers or something like that. Just give it a bit of a broader use…