Could you pls kindly buff a little bit Dagger anti-unyeilding dps?

the final part that prevent me from using Dagger by zealot is the opptunity cost of hammer boss damage.
if possiable, could the heaivy attack of Daggers at least deal 4000 damage to boss head?

Asking for even MORE single target damage for knife

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There is nothing in this game that matches Single Target Hammer DPS. It’s sole purpose is to dish out charged single target pain.

If you can’t live without boss deletion, you’ll just have to live with not using anything else.

Weird thread.


Also, don’t bleeds do full damage against unyielding?

The Combat Blade is already OP. My Assassin Zealot build does not need any more help top fragging the Scoreboard.

I carry the Mk II Thunder Hammer for my Purifier build just in case someone (by accident or by stupidity) triggers a Daemonhost. They might die, but I won’t.

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Yes, but a 50.000 HP Monstrosity in T5 Auric doesn’t give a :poop: about that.

Now, a fully charged backstab with Backstab Blessing (+120% rending on backstabs) and Zealot Knife build on the other hand…

I just let people die, laugh and then clutch to the next rescue point. Simple as.

Knife is already better by a wide margin than the Thunder Hammer in everything but boss dps, and even than if you build correctly it still gives it a run for its money.

Give me a power knife and we can start talking about making it amazing. The fact that a stupid shank is a better single target weapon than a Power Maul is ludicrous lol.

“Top fragging” with respects to which metrics?

Well, tbh, with the veteran tree or the zealot tree, you can deal massive damages with a dagger.
Especially with ruthless backstab… I suppose, but I have not tested, you can deal massive DPS with a psyker and using scier gaze (but I would not go for this as the duelling sword would be a better option like the HS is a better option than the catachan sword for a zealot).

I have one dagger with uncanny and ruthless backstab on my vet, I can kill a mutant in 2 hits (EDIT precision: Auric Damnation). I don’t think that the dagger need any buff.
There are weapons that are weaker and need something done (agri and graia infantry gun seem a little weak compared to a columnus by example and the columnus is far from OP) and there are also weapons that are OP and need a nerf (cough kickback? cough).
I believe the dagger is really in the right space and doesn’t deserve nor a buff or a nerf.

I would love a power knife for zealot… I think it would be so fun to play, even with an activation system and only 1 energized hit… cause we could do massive backstab.

I rather have them buff its horde clear potential tbh, really hate the light quick jab at the 3rd combo that seem to serve no purpose.

I played with it quite a bit and other than having best mobility it just seem a bit underwhelming on other part.

It’s pretty good carpal tunnel syndrome simulator.

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Dagger can be efficient against an horde, but not as a combat axe could or, even better, a catachan sword or an heavy sword.
And that’s normal. The mobility permits you to dodge easily, and the dagger is more focused on massive damages against a single target with the backstab (see that now dagger have an inherent bonus for backstab that add to the other talent of your build).
Any weapon has a weakness… and here this is why I have just replaced my dagger by a tactical axe on my vet, cause i have a contract where i need to kill 1000 dregs… with a dagger I won’t really work for this objective, as it suits my need to eliminate a single threat (and survive in hordes), but the tactical axe is more suited for mass eliminations and less for single target, even if its power against one enemy is good enough.

100%, but if that Daemonhost decides I’m the second player it’s locking onto? I got a chance… unless we’re on Auric, then I’m putting my many movement speed stacks to use in the form of getting out of there and to the nearest point of no return.

Scoreboard mod.

Thing is, when you have to go against high density mixed horde you can’t really go for backstab any more, and if you can pull it off you’re most likely just dealt with 1 of 10+ probem your team is facing.

When multiple Ragers, Maulers or Ogryns appear on top of horde I start to wish I have something like THammer or Eviscerator instead.

I swapped my build to shroudfield/blazing piety IndyCrusher afterward and it honestly felt like a fresh breeze of air compared to super sweaty knife build.

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Once you go hammer you never go back man, i know those feelings, knife can kill bosses with bleed stacks, its a different beast, but not much really, it does great damage especially with backstab build, try spamming push attacks and you’ll see

But my recently buffed power sword does up to 2500 - 3000 damage to weakspots hit with powered heavy attacks with every possible talent damage buffs imaginable

Knife just has no rights to do more, would be silly

spamming push attacks with knife is the best way to deal with anything in the game, you can do it with psyker aswell, it counts as a heavy attacks with good cleave, and since is a push attack its super safe

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But which actual metrics?

I think the question was in regard to what exact stat you meant.

I have not tested the knife in a while so i can not speak in regard to how good it is against different things, but i would assume that it is still not great at killing hordes, in comparison to many other options.

In the theoretical situation that you had overall the most kills in the group, by mostly killing trash (and barely any elites) wirh your knife, that might not mean that the knife is strong enough or even too strong.
It might mean that your teammates who were using better horde clear weapons, simply played badly or too passively.


I meant specifically that the knife absolutely destroys all Elites with backstab. No kidding, it took me like 4 quick charged backstabs on Damnation to wipe a Crusher with bleed stacks. It’s fun, but God DAMN it does not need a buff in any form.