Could you pls kindly buff a little bit Dagger anti-unyeilding dps?

Ah, of the scoreboard itself. Gotcha. Typically, Elite and Total Kills.

That should not be the case in higher density difficulties, if you’re playing with op psykers and ogryns and you consistently top frag elite kills, something has gone terribly wrong. When there’s a handful of elites on the map kinfe zealot can just rush and assassinate them. When it’s scab/melee only, good luck. At that point, the psyker is just praying they have enough in them to drag you across the finish line.

I’m talking Heresy and Damnation here, not Scab/Melee only. Maybe it’s because I’m getting so many XBOX players in my parties.
Edit: Yeah, this is also as a Stealth Zealot with the knife.

Yup, that checks out. The combat knife can put in work, up to a certain point. It’s not great by any means as it’s just too limited, but when you can make it work it feels strong.

100%, man. It’s all in the technique sometimes. I guarantee some people would get frustrated with the knife because it’s just… not them but it is strong when you know how to use it. It’s not really an all-rounder melee weapon, I suppose.

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Anyways, any weapon you have to train with it to be efficient with it. But clearly, the dagger is not an horde killer. You can survive cause you dodge, you can kill lot of groaners… but someone with a good horde killer weapon will wipe everything around you while you will just wound them…
But if there is no horde clearer weapon, the dagger will be efficient. You will take more time to kill hordes, but this is just a matter of time to kill all.
Anyways, you can move fast with a dagger, you can dodge well, you can backstab… enough good points for this weapon

To return on topic… Dagger are REALLY strong against Ogryns. Especially with the backstab. Off course, it requires you to aim at the head and this head is always higher than other targets.
Against a monster, I am not sure I would go in front of it with my penknife… but backstab attacks absolutely.

I usually pair my dagger with a Flamer for that reason. Single-shot Stealth stab mixed with (evil cackling and napalm flame sounds) is a lot of fun.

It can’t give a crap, it’s AI.

And while 120 rending could translate to +30% damage, I do find myself having more enjoying bleeding for 9 bleeds stacks per crit.

Using flamer make you lack long range option instead though.

It’s just like trying plug a hole by opening another, you can kind off substitute that with blade of faith ofc.

Columnus infantry on Zealot is too good to pass for me, it’s probably even better than using it on Vet because when Dance of Death kick in you can shoot it with next to no recoil lol

That’s the weakness of the flamer… and then you adapt…

you can’t have all advantages… or the weapon need a nerf

Columnus is great… and not OP
However, graia and agr lack of power, if we compare. But, again, columnus doesn’t need a nerf.
Graia and Agri need a little buff… and please FS don’t increase damage falloff for columnus…

I mean, You certainly can have all advantages with other build.

I didn’t even say it’s OP why are you being defensive lol, I would say it’s in good place for now considering there is also other stuff that’s just as good or even better.

Just expressing my feeling… nothing to contradict you…
I play with these guns for 4 days now (with veteran and zealot). And I feel the columnus really great. However, graia, that on the paper does better damages, feel a little weak if we compare with the columnus.
However, I would hate that they nerf columnus, but I feel that something has to be done for the 2 other guns. But something different than the close damage bonus of the columnus.

I use blades of faith and just regen them with melee elite kills. If I’m in big trouble, stealth is there. Autoguns are good, though. I sometimes use them.

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