Zealot's 2h hammer

The special attack of the 2h hammer is a bit hard to use (expecially when you have more enemies in front of you) and less effective compared to other weapons (like the powersword) so i was thinking that maybe is better to change the effect according to the attack, like if you are doing a wide sweep attack (holding down the left button) it will work as the powersword, instead if you are doing the single target attack (left-click) it will work like it’s doing now (OR it could be an idea for a future RED WEAPON?!) idk i’m hoping for that <3

I do like the current hammer, I would agree that it performs a little slower than the V2 maul. This is probably due to the lack of attack speed enhancements V2 offered.

My only gripe on the weapon is it seems clunky to use, sometimes dodging while charging up a swing breaks the animation. Mechanics I’ve learned with the weapon in V2 do not function the same.

Overall the weapons power charge is very strong. I think the only addition (which would make it OP) is have the blast knock back smaller enemies around the impact. I’m unsure if this does happen if you crit while its charged. If anyone can confirm?

Ill present it this way, What’s The most iconic thing about a maul in a fantasy setting? Slamming it into the ground and a big AOE BOOM!

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The Thunder Hammer sucks and its a damn shame because its one of the most iconic weapons in the setting.

Right now its literally a hassle to play.
It needs:

  1. Better cleave, right now its heavy attack will kill 2-3 at best poxwalkers and bowl the rest, and taking into account how slow and unwieldy the animation is it really sucks.

  2. double the damage on the light attack. Seriously why cant i kill a single trash dreg when i smack him on the head with a huge ass hammer?? Would it really destroy the game design if i killed one dreg or scab at a time instead of wasting 4 seconds on him?

  3. Give cleave and AOE on heavy charged special. Having it snag on every trash mob and then being slammed by the crusher that i was aiming for makes it for a very frustrating experience.

As you can see i didnt ask for attack speed buffs nor for sped up animations. But if im going to use a heavy and clunky hammer at least make it USEFULL and not just a one trick pony boss killer.


My main issue is the lock out time after hitting with the special attack and the dreadful mobility. Reduce the self stun after special attack and give it slightly longer dodges (or 1 extra effective dodge).

Zealot feat tree has a general issue of lacking synergy with slow 2 handers (can’t hold that against T Hammer specifically), but with those 2 changes T Hammer would be fine. Well as well as the armour pen buffs that have already been promised but not implemented.

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Thunder Hammer is the only weapon right now that lets me 4 hit a daemonhost on Heresy with certain perks and Thrust blessing. Pair this with a Veteran using their sniper trait and a helbore and the daemonhost is dead in 2 hits. I find myself never wanting to ditch the Thunder Hammer purely for the damage output. If it was better at any other things and less clunky it would be even more of a best in slot and we would have the same problem the Vet has with Power Sword.

I don’t believe its a one trick pony boss killer, you are meant to pair the TH with something like a mk8 braced autogun or flamer for hordes, clear the horde, then bonk the big things left. Its a certain playstyle to get used to which is fun in my opinion. I think the Thunder Hammer does things the power maul cannot, and vice versa. Sounds like a lot of people want the Power Maul and Thunder Hammer to be the same weapon.

The problem right now with Thunder Hammer is that its usefulness is heavily tied to blessings and perks, which is RNG based so everyone says its underpowered because they can never get lucky. Took me 100 hours to get the right stats on a TH to make it what its meant to be.


Power Maul doesn’t need to clear anything out to start bonking dangerous threats out of a mob. This is literally why it spins circles on the thunderhammer despite having a less powerful strike. Its also one of Zealot’s strongest horde weapons at the moment with L1 cancel (even if its likely to be patched it is still putting this weapon near tactical axe speed on a sweeping move lmfao). Its just so much less aggravating to use for better performance.

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What Vets problem with the power sword? That its actually fun to play? Yeah god forbid the Thunderhammer gets equally fun. I would hate that. For real. Truly.

I tried it and after the first skirmish I knew I’m going to put it away the next mission. I used to play quite a bit with 2h hammers in V2, but both games suffer the same problem with them, poor mobility and attack speed. Even if the armour pen is nice to have, there are just better overall options out there. 2 hammer in V2 got eventually some buffs and changes to make it better. I suspec the same will happen here.

Best in slot, people get a power sword and never look at their melee weapon slot again, i think thats anti fun tbh no variety.

I understand where youre coming from with Power Maul efficiency, its skill curve is definitely much easier than TH. Just activate and left click over and over. TH you need to choose when to take it out, when to use overhead or charged heavy with activation, how to use block push attacks at the right time after a cleave. I think in terms of fun its the most fun weapon Zealot has right now. Perfect versatility does not equal fun imo.

D’you mean just spamming special → light over and over? Or is there more to it.

To be fair in that comparison crusher doesn’t get momentum or the strong power on kill blessing T Hammer gets. Obviously T Hammer crushes crusher at boss damage too. If we ever get more threatening bosses this will matter more.

So T Hammer may be a bit less broadly applicable but I do think it has arguments for taking it.

Nah just L1 over and over. It’s like an Elf weapon from VT2, you can make inputs at any point in the animation. Almost everything with goofy input windows has been nerfed so far in this game (ogryn knives) so I’m thinking it might get nerfed.

So since L1 is a sweep that has most of its animation weighted towards the ‘recovery’ of the sweep you can just cancel as it heads across the screen and do another. If you get the timing down you don’t even need to move your feet to hold back horde.

Block cancel or QQ cancel?

Either, QQ is slightly faster than block like VT2. Its like the Bretonnian Longsword attack input window.

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