Is knife overpowered

This lol. Some people are trying too hard to learn all breakpoints and every number, meanwhile you can just faceroll this game with button mashing after few tests in psykanium and take what you intuitively find to be good.

On the knife topic - mobility is overpowered in DT, imo. Like Kerillian daggers in V2 has a dogshit range, so controling horde is quite hard with them, cause trash mobs are more agressive and one poke eats 1/3 of your HP, and if you was swarmed you must use your ultimate or go in defensive state.

In DT on other hand it’s easy to escape if you made a mistake and pulled more than you can handle. Weapon range it feels doesn’t play signifficant role cause how dodges and dmg are boosted.

As I mentioned in some thread, if weapon has high mobility and attack speed, its deffensive tools should be a dogshit then, there should be a clear trade.

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