Is inspiring barraged bugged right now?

is this blessing not stacking like it should? in this video u can see me using the max tier version and its very slow. is this inteded?stubber w/ T4 barrage blessing

You managed to even get it to somewhat work? I haven’t even noticed it activating on anything I try it on. Damn thing has been bugged since it existed.

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The text is a bit confusing the % in the text is how much of your normal full toughness regen you get.

So 10% means 10% of the toughness regen you if you would stand with your 3 allies.

We might need to update the text on this one to make it more clear and we might need to tweak it to be a bit better (no promises)

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LMAO this blessing, almost 270 ammo used to regen 100% toughness. This is beyond pathetic

thats dissapointing to hear. maybe a buff to this then? seems way too undertuned

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