Bugged toughness regen? (curios and Veteran's feat)

I’m not sure if this is a single bug or a couple of bugs combined but anyway:

There is this Veteran’s lvl 5 feat that is supposed to regenerate 5% toughness per second.
I’m using it with +30% toughness regeneration speed curios x3. So +90% total.

I went to the meat grinder, used a mod to damage myself, walked away from enemies and recorded the regeneration process. Then I counted the frames. Both clips are 60 FPS.

The clips can be downloaded here (didn’t re-econde them and didn’t upload to any video hosting website to avoid losing frames):


no toughness regen curios:

frame start 215
frame end 1552
max toughness 200

1552-215=1337 frames (this many frames it took to regenerate all toughness from zero)
1337/60 = 22.2833333333 sec (dividing by 60 cuz the video is in 60 fps)
200/22.2833333333=8.97531787585 toughness per second

Expected value: 5%*200= 10 toughness per second

3x toughness regen curio:

frame start 266
frame end 1603
max toughness 326

1337/60 = 22.2833333333 sec
326/22.2833333333=14.6297681376 toughness per second

Expected value
5%1.9326=9.5%*326=30.97 toughness per second

So the first bug is that this veteran’s feat is regenerating less toughness than it says it does (less than 5%).

The second bug is that EITHER these curios don’t work at all OR they don’t work on this feat.

If anyone know what is going on here, please share your thoughts.

Here’s what the patch that was supposed to fix toughness regen curios said:

Fixed issue where the ‘Toughness Regeneration Speed’ Curio only gave a bonus to the Toughness Regeneration delay of Coherency.

Not a word about excluding this feat from the effect of the curio OR coherency being the only source of toughness regen that is supposed to work with this curio effect.

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Toughness regen speed curio perk only works on coherency toughness regen. This is extremely common knowledge at this point. That patch note is related to it previously only affecting coherency regen delay, and not the actual regen rate.

Yes, the recovery bonus effect is only related to the passive.
It does not affect the skill’s toughness recovery and does not affect the weapon blessing’s toughness recovery.

@FatsharkJulia you marked this as “not-a-bug” but no one has addressed this part:

So the first bug is that this veteran’s feat is regenerating less toughness than it says it does (less than 5%).

My bad! I’ll send it over to our developers. :slight_smile:

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