Toughness regeneration speed on curio bug!

update on 12/16/2022
After I test many thing in private room with friend appear that this toughness regenaration speed 60(20+20+20)% vs my friend no perk curio with 200point of toughness. Test with stopwatch and with ours own eyes on veteran class.
It appear that there is no difference at any condition!!! this a Bug and has no effect at all…
-not help toughness regen faster
-not help delay time at the same time
-not help with conherency toughness regen speed
-not help with 5% regen toughness 8 meter feat veteran
pls fix fatshark

  1. Play Veteran on private room with friend.
  2. Test toughness regenaration speed on curio 60% vs none /Find bug no affect in any condition.


Player ID:
Steam ID godofwin

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[12/16/2022] [ 1.00 PM Thailand Bangkok /UTC+7 timezone bangkok]


They better fix this because this will make my Zealot almost immortal. Then again, they still havent fixed my bugged penance so i have no faith in FatShark

I also noticed this. Just rerolled 3 curios to +20% toughness regeneration speed on my Veteran, and no visible difference.

Hope they fix it soon.

Same here, +60% toughness and I’m seeing 0 difference.

This is a really brutal bug. Ogryn’s double toughness regen talent is crippled by this not working.

Look up the “Confident Strike” bug resetting regen for further heartbreak.