Inspiring Barrage blessing doesn't do anything on ogryn heavy stubber

Under no circumstance was I able to get the blessing to restore toughness.

I would add more detail to this bug report, but under the “Your topic is similar to…” I can see another post saying the same blessing doesn’t work on zealot flamer so I am assuming it simply doesn’t work at all.

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I heard it actually influences the regen rate so with bullets flying back at you and blocking your innate coherency regen its kind of trash. Its more like a super toughness regeneration curio. Considering blessings are only 2 slot Stubber may as well only have 2 (charmed reload + blaze away). Everything else is a joke setup to where you should run something else.

On a similar note does ‘Born in Blood’ work? Even barrel-stuffing enemies to be as close as possible for that activation condition I did not see my toughness go up off Rippergun kills.

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