Inspiring Barrage Needs a Rebalance On Ogryn Weapons

Currently, the Inspiring Barrage blessing on Ogryn weapons only restores 10% toughness per stack, compared to the Autopistol restoring 50% per stack, which is also able to gain said stacks, which are EACH as effective as the maximum number of stacks of the Ogryn’s weapons, in one third the amount of time it takes any of the Stubbers to gain one stack. The Stubbers are so slow to gain the stacks, in fact, that the Gorgonum Stubber does not have enough ammo, even at max roll, to gain all 5 stacks without the use of the Charmed Reload blessing (it takes 25 rounds to get one stack, while maximum mag size is 91). The sheer investment of time (6 seconds of continuous firing) that the Ogryn needs to commit to get such a pitiful reward is ridiculous, they are supposed to be tanks, and yet they have the worst defensive blessings of any of the classes. A Psyker with an Autopistol should AT MOST, be on par with the Ogryn’s regeneration, not regenerating 5 times more than him in a third the time (which is 15 times the overall effectiveness).

Pretty much all of the “builds stacks while continuously shooting” blessings should get rebalanced on most ogryn weapons.

inspiring barrage is still pretty bad on autopistol imo, like, increasing (expletive)all by 40% or whatever is still (expletive)all.

i think a lot of people assume it works like confident strike or momentum? ie, you gain back a percentage of your total toughness. it doesn’t, it increases toughness regeneration, the passive toughness you normally get from coherency, and it really doesn’t increase it all that much - i have heard it’s roughly the same as having half an extra player in coherency.

From what I’ve seen, it increases all toughness regen, much in the same way that the perks from curios do. Therefore, 3 stacks of Inspiring Barrage = 1 +30% Toughness Regen Speed curio perk (or in the case of the Autopistol 3 stacks is 150%), which coincidentally works out much better with all the other Autopistol wielding classes as they all have ways of regenerating toughness while shooting enemies outside of coherency.

nah, it does work like toughness regen curios, but they all only influence coherency regen. the only feat that interacts with toughness regen is lynchpin, everything else like eg enemy within enemy without does not interact with it at all. it’s not exactly the same though, because toughness regen on curio won’t ever let you regen out of coherency while inspiring barrage will, just very slowly.

even on pistol it’s very bad. i think i had a near ideal one ie inspiring, t4 pinning, good stats and perks and it was still pretty awful compared to blaze away or even like the suboptimal blessings, raking fire or whatever. whole blessing needs a rejigger.

The blessing on the Autopistol alone provides more bonus toughness regeneration than is even possible on the Ogryn across all sources (including Lynchpin, his own blessing, and 3 +30% curios). This FULL BUILD on the Ogryn is able to fully restore toughness in just a few seconds, and it is outpaced by a single blessing on every other class. Something is wrong here. Something needs to be changed.

Ah, so you are just uninformed. Inspiring barrage adds 0.1x base coherency regen per stack. At max stacks you have 0.5x coherency regen, which is the same amount as what you get for standing near 1 other team mate. This amount is increased by toughness regen curios as well as Lynchpin on Ogryn (makes each stack essentially twice as valuable).

So if you are out of coherency regen range having max stacks is equivalent to standing near 1 person. If you are with your full team AND have max stacks you are getting 50% more regen than you would be without the blessing (1.5 X coherency regen as opposed to 1 X).

The biggest joke of this post is suggesting anyone with a brain in their head would take inspiring barrage over pinning fire or blaze away on autopistol. You would have to be trolling so hard to actually do that. Everybody but you thinks inspiring barrage is basically a meme, because it is factually a meme. Coolcab above points out how it only interacts with coherency regen rate. Thinking it boosts toughness feats in any way is extremely off base.

I never claimed that Inspiring Barrage is a good blessing, not even on the Autopistol. My point was, and what everyone here seems to be ignoring regardless of how many times I bring it up, that the Ogryn’s version of the same blessing is vastly inferior in every way and needs to be brought in line with the other version. I’m not talking about the balance of the blessing compared to other blessings, I am talking about the lack of consistency between different versions of the same blessing. That’s it. That’s the whole point of this post. Now will someone please discuss this point.

A post about how wildly inconsistent and inaccurate Blessing descriptions, or descriptions in general, are would probably have been a better Idea. On the other hand, we already have a ton of those and FS does not seem to care jack about their descriptions being the equivalent of Grim’s stories. In the best case they tell you accurately what the ability/blessing does in parts. In the worst case it straight up forgets to list that the Blessing stacks, or to list an important part of how an ability works. (Zealot charge).

So many Blessing descriptions are inaccurate nonsense that it would probably be shorter to list the ones that actually do what they describe. And just when you think you figured it out the very same Blessing works differently on another weapon.

“build stacks from continuous fire” blessings need to be rebalanced in general for each specific weapon. The current issue with them is that most weapons don’t have enough ammo to reach the full stacks, so why bother using it over another blessing.