Inspiring Barrage actual bonus effect is not as high as 10%

Inspiring Barrage:Replenish 10% Toughness over time during Continuous Fire. Stacks up to 5 times.
Hold down the right button to shoot continuously until the 42-round clip is empty, which takes a total of 12 seconds and restores toughness from 0% to 32%.

Left click and special attacks cannot trigger resilience recovery effects

Attacks that hit and kill enemies have the same effect as shooting into the air, with a recovery of 32% in 12 seconds

Enemies Within, Enemies Without:Replenish 5% Toughness per second while within 5 meters of 3 enemies.
Chinese localization error, did not indicate the need for more than 3 enemies to trigger the effect
“四面楚歌:在距离任意敌人5.0米范围内时,每秒恢复5%韧性。” → “四面楚歌:在以玩家为中心半径5米内,至少存在3个敌人时,玩家自身每秒恢复5%韧性。”

The description is just lacking some crucial details. It’s 10% of coherency regen stacking up to 50%. So at max stacks you get 0.5 x coherency regen rate, which is the same as when you are standing near only 1 team mate.

To my knowledge it is also boosted by anything that increases coherency regen (curio perks and Ogryn’s Lynchpin feat).

Thank you for your reply, I carry 3 antiques with 30% toughness recovery and the recovery is boosted from 32 to 61, it does work

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If an enemy is aggroed on you, the regen is reduced significantly .

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