Is ice skating chaos warriors and maulers at an all time worst?

Now it is no secret that certain mobs ice skate a lot and move past extreme distances far beyond what you anticipate, and I’m having more problems with it now than ever.

Anyone else having more issues with this or is it just me being proper exposed to it?


Nothing more than usual on my end. I actually sort of like it with CW’s so I can drag them away from horde packs so the horde can be more easily cleaved and the CW more easily dispatched. Backwards dodging often doesn’t avoid, but side stepping usually does.

Nah, it’s as annoying as ever.

The skating that fanatics do during horde events is the worst thing imo, as they’re numerous and its harder to track their skating - they present a very hard target to hit with melee, while they hit you dead accurate, with great timing as well - closing distance just when their hit is about to connect.

I’m talking about the instances, when a fanatic skates towards you and sideways at the same time. Basically, a bunch of them do long-ass flanking maneuver and hit you at the same time.


This is even worse than CW/Maulers prepping an overhead for 5 seconds while sliding at you. Side strafing fanatics caused me so much frustration.

Yeah, and i wish they would at least consistently skate, but nah, sometimes they just stand when they do an attack, and sometimes they skate for the whole overhead swing and it’s even worse for horizontal, because then you cannot dodge it at all. That and they also can turn around insanely fast while doing so, which looks silly, and is just not a fun thing to play against.
Like i’m used to it by now, but if FS would actually make their attack patterns more predictable and smooth(and at least somewhat realistic), i’d be pretty happy.
Also, to the fact that they can skate and turn 180 very fast their actual and visual attack reach are pretty different(former being far beyond latter, or character hitboxed are too big, maybe both).
Still, game is pretty manageable even with all that bs, so if FS are to fix all of those issues, enemies would need some buffs.

CWs and Maulers skate as much as regular raiders. You just don’t care about the latter and don’t see such skating in the swarm. But I once was able to observe such lunge from the side, where regular marauder or fanatic, I don’t remember, skated about 3 dash distances. I remembered that very well, because I was trying to intercept that mob from the side, when he attacked my mate from behind, but it swept before my face like a jet fighter.

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its called power slide use the academic term LOL!

I remember them mentioning looking into this recently. Next fix is supposed to involve some patrol fixes too.

I did laugh when I was trying to ress someone and they were on full bleed-out hp and a mauler doing a wide sweep from WAY far away went powersliding my way, interrupted me and subsequently one-shotted the person. I would’ve seen it coming if it hadn’t come from so far away since I thought it was attacking my dawri friend.