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At this rate,I dont even know if this is “intended” or a bug because it has been a thing in the game for so long by now.Might as well be a feature,not a bug by this point.

It’s funny and all seeing them skate backwards away trying to overhead your poor cranium that’s right infront of them.What’s not funny is having an elite skate right through someone else to overhead another player behind them.


Recently I have been noticing skating elites / monks being able to go up or through collision they’d normally have to climb over first. Not full-on ledges but like boxes and small things the player has to jump over. It’s like being in the attack animation is letting them ignore that


If only scunner rot-helms had Kerillian’s sense of grace.

Oh, Goreksson, if ever shall I prance, you shan’t be there to see it.

Definitely has been in the game for a long time, I remember cases of enemies skating through level geometry that I couldn’t even jump over.

But yeah, the distance they cover sometimes is ridiculous. Way too many times do I get gored by some running attack or heavy attack that moved such a distance that I couldn’t possibly recognise it’s meant for me or that the enemy even has aggro on me.
At least with the weird sideways slides of berserker types and some elites, you usually know you’re in the danger zone before it happens.

I havent heard it from any official source but i was told by a number of dudes and saw it written here or there that apparently it is indeed intended. As the story goes it was originally not so and was in fact a bug, but then it was added back as it happened to be a good way to mess up dodgespam strategies.

At the unfortunate cost of making Handmaiden even wonkier to play…seriously the pain in my heart when i see something like a mauler do a 180 in the middle of a charge after i dash through/past him and it runs me down with a overhead.

Yeh I believe it is now an intended feature. Like you said, it used to be a bug but then fixing it made chaos warriors a complete joke of an enemy to fight because their overheads are too slow if you don’t allow them to move while doing it. The speed at which enemies can spin 180 is a bit ridiculous and probably needs some more work but the ice-skating is no longer considered a bug by FS.

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On the topic of ice skating elites they can phase into objects to get into range. So fences don’t exist once they start a top heavy.

I believe there used to be a similar issue with the berserkers as well. (which has been fixed)
If I remember right, basically the attack target and the move-to target could be different.
For example the attack target was Bardin while the berserker slid in his attack animation to Kerillian because she was the “move-to target.”

But this issue seems to differ because there are no other players near enough that could confuse the AI.

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