Is Glaive OP in Legend?

I didn’t play Kerillian that much in Legend, because in pug groups I prefer to carry hard with Bardin or Sienna, and when I play with friends, she’s taken 100% of the time. But I did play a couple of games with her on Legend , some with glaive, and somehow it didn’t feel that strong. I even liked 2 swords better.

I need to play more games to form an opinion, but right now I would like to know what you guys think.

It got double heavy attack with guarantied headshot. Pretty much instakills anything.

it’s very strong in legend imo.

Many people don’t like the glaive at first, but it’s just that it requires some practice.
Main selling point is how strong the charged combo is.

@Maud @mookanana @birdman My main problem is how long it takes to charge the strong attack. Often times I can’t do it, else I get hit by my target or trash. And on Champion I did not face this problem that much, cause enemies are generally slower, and cause you don’t really care about a couple of trash hits.

What do you say guys, is Glaive still OP, or does this factor balances out Glaive at Legend and makes it simply strong? Does Glaive need any nerfs?

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No, you can’t dodge anything

also what @NikKotovski said. if you are facing multiple enemies then it’s nearly impossible to time two charged attacks in between theirs and the regular attack is underwhelming damage

That’s why you have to practice with it.

Say that you want to kill a elite that’s surrounded by mobs. It’s perfectly fine to charge it while moving forward so that it lands just on the target. Often it’s enough to just hit the second charged attack.

It’s not the weapon that you can charge while something is right on your face. If you can’t put a distance then just lmb+bcancel

I wouldn’t call the glaive OP, but it has this sweet combo. I think it’s more or less on par with the halberd. Generalist weapons with emphasis on dealing against armor.

Glaive is best Armor mob killing weapon elf have. Thats true. But for example my little premade got other people to deal with them so i run with spear. I would say if i have run only solo quick play mathces i would choose Glaive as solid all rounder. Otherwise there is other options.

No you have not a guaranteed headshot, jeez are you new to this game? The glaive has a guaranteed armor breaking attack (the second heavy attack)
But yes its does a lot of dmg not as the good old trusty V1 glaive but still verry good.

Still only one answer to the original question:

Guys, is it OP or not and does it need nerfing?

Define what is OP and what’s the threshold.

And here you are again with some random stuff. Talking about Legend runs as high and might Legend player. You know you supposed to know how to AIm a little bit in this game?

Lol. I just want your opinion, dude. Define it yourself. You’re not in the court or something. :smile:

Dude you are missunderstanding me if you say a guaranteed head shot that means you have always a headshot no matter where you will be hitting. And that is not true at all sometimes you can’t hit a head shot due to the positioning of the mob.
It called correcting somone. If you put in so many wrong informations in here…
And yes i know how to aim in this game.

Well i assume people that i’m talking to are not r*tarded and dont need corrections like that.

Oh man you are some wierd guy. Like me always have sth. to say against :smiley:

Kerillian’s biggest weakness is Chaos Warriors and the glaive let’s her deal with them basically as well as a Slayer. Their hoarding ability is about on par with everything else, so being able to deal with CW alone is enough for them to be my only pick for Kerillian on Legend, not because it’s OP.

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The glaive is OP. Everything else is OP except the 2h-swords (not Kruber’s) and mace&shield.

use the block charge attack combined with 2-3 quick attacks for hordes.
and only use shade so you can one shot anything in stealth

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