Insane Bum SPawns and Duping Magic Executioners

Our teams have now been blessed with two at a time magic- spawning either swinging in your face through block or backstabbing you (instakill to most classes)-executioners. Also the daftly spawned ones ignore block completely. And have no audio warning.

All new laxative emulating rodent experience just ruined the fun- they were appearing out of our bums - so old beastmen issues but for all clans xD

Monks multiplying or appearing as 2 in the same box.

and Weapon Switch Glitch came back!!

Also all new connection issues presenting- nothing to do with home internet connections etc.

Also bots have become practically useless? They lead enemies into your hitbox now and run off to the other side of the map randomly. And pinned by assassins? They forget they have ranged fire or just stand like lemons watching you get stabbed to death.

Screaming bell has issue near the 2nd grim where even if you’re fighting a boss, a random patrol can spawn on your head half way up the hill. That’s an old OLD one come back.

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