Game ending bugs/glitches in new patch(es)

Clocked repeatedly the following through 12 failed runs to bugs and glitches… salty AF but will take time to list again… hope it helps…

Weapon Switch Glitch ended 4 matches today.

“E” pickups sticking- failing rescues and dying whilst hammering E to no avail.
Pickup boxes for coins are too small too.

Enemies duplicating on the spot AGAIN not in twins… had an assassin breed itself twice today.

Immortal Hookrats- On first mission of a CW run, one hook took three throwing axes to the face, a shot from bounty hunter and several whacks with hammers- didn’t even stagger once and strung up a team mate.

Spawning points are being daft again lol! Keep missing half the levels because it spawns folk at end again.

Just had one match where beastmen were just on the spot breeding over and over in a ball- team wipe cos there was no fighting a ball of infinite reaching glitches who refuse to have physical presence.
Beastmen as usual! If beastmen cannot be fixed then please remove them from the game… we wouldn’t mind!
Or make an option like… I dunno- A piece of meteor in the keep which acts as an on/off switch for beastmen. <<< I think MANY thousands of players would be appreciative of this!!! No joke or sarcasm! Just a piece maybe in the trophy room when you complete Dark Omens… and boom… so many issues resolved.

Bots need to be invincible to CW mutations- watching them stand in a blood tornado until death whilst you need picking up or are dealing with everything is irritating to say the least- same for gas. And they have forgotten how to ranged weapon again since new patch and will dance in front of fire/gun rats until dead.

Block not working as it should… being purely cosmetic at points.

4 teams and all were banging their heads into the desk experiencing a library of these bugs in a single match.
All this was only tested in the CW. Hope for fixes. Pray for Sigmar.

Including logs just in case they can be useful in anyway.
console-2021-05-05-18.10.30-0a6e0983-6308-43fe-95d9-f988c8995efb.log (256.1 KB)console-2021-05-05-15.18.59-bb37c03d-78e7-4a47-b264-0258ee7bdb78.log (263.7 KB)

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