Input Buffer Rant

I understand this is hyper-specific but this is mostly to vent frustrations. I have a problem with the Input Buffer system, where I would like it to be long or short for different situations.

Input Buffer wants to be long issues

  1. Heavy Attacks
    Flails & Bretonnion Longsword will never unleash heavy attacks if the buffer is too short, and many other weapons miss the early release and default to the long hold on heavy attacks. Ideally Mouse-up should be permanently bufferable.
  2. Reloading
    You are swinging away and a special appears, switch to range and deal with it. No time to reload because the horde is here. Another special comes and you switch back holding R to reload ranged but nothing happens because the input buffer forgets the reload action. Some weapons have a specific ‘Trigger reload on weapon switch’ that would solve this if it was on more items.

Input Buffer wants to be short issues.

  1. Rapid-fire ranged weapons
    It happens too often that an extra attack happens because of a generous input buffer. Sometimes this is just a waste of an extra shot but some weapons need to manage their shots very carefully (Heat weapons accidentally overheating or Taxes/Moonbow wasting their limited reserve.

  2. I got poked and exploded
    Slightly following the above point. If you are maximising your heat using the safety threshold but are struck during an action, the hit-stun will clear your action including any backswing, and any buffered attack will be called resulting in you exploding. A specific example is Drakegun with Rising Pressure; Normally you can spam blasts and never overheat, because the attack time is longer than the overheat failsafe. If you are struck during this window, goodbye Irondrake because you are firing again immediately.

Other issues
Repeater Pistol and Repeating Crossbows can’t input buffer their primary attacks. This one is just weird, less important for crossbows as hold-fire is already top fire rate but the repeater pistol really strikes my nerves.