In light of the speed and quality new carreers are released in, hopes are high to see a 6th hero!

I mean, everything is pretty top notch: The visuals, the abilities, the weapons, even heaps of new voice lines. This makes me VERY hopeful that FS is capable of indeed giving us the 6th hero we deserve:
Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné (I mean, she even has ties to castle Drachenfels, Lohner heavily refers to her, she does play a certain role during the End Times, has a tendency to just “appear”, and different vampire clans being her 4 different carreers just seem to work like a charm. Plus: It would be awesome to have a “famous” and already existing character join the group and lets face it: adding just another Human, elf or dwarf to the group would feel redundant).

Yeah, I know, I know. But my hopes have never been higher, considering how Engineer seems to be even more polished and thought through than Grail Knight. Would be perfectly willing to dish out 20 bucks for the ol’ girl and her releasing with just one carreer (Lahmian) and have her other carreers released one by one.

FS pls!

P.S.: She has traveled to Nippon. It would be the perfect chance for the ultimate fan-service and give her a Katana as one of her weapons. Also: She has been to Cathay. Which is right next to the Chaos Wastes. MAYBE SHE WILL BE IN THE CHAOS WASTE DLC!? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wet dreams :wink:


True. But honestly, FS has shown to listen quite a bit to the community when it comes to new content. Sure, the options for another Bardin carreer were limited, but it was still what the people wanted at the end.

They also seem to be very good at getting new voice lines written and recorded quickly, and quite a reasonable amount of those at that. There’s even new dialogue, not only voice quips for OE.

Genny wouldn’t have to go over bord with it. Just some voice lines for every mission, some more for castle Drachenfels, and for the rest, her dialogue could just replace another hero in her interaction with the rest.

I just seems like there’s too many things pointing towards her truly coming up as a hero. The heroes talking about Drachenfels so much as of late, her wandering around the area of the Chaos Wastes and her involvement in the End Times, it would just fit like a glove.

Just trying to create more of a lobby for this. If they’d go through with this, they’d tie VT2 alot more into the canon of Warhammer Fantasy.

I think of it this way: The Swedes managed to get John Wick into Payday 2, so this one should actually be alot less of a hassle. :smiley:

I wonder what @SmokerT69 has to say to this matter!

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He have to say that he mostly prefers the gold wizard (which could cover 3 interesting careers at the same time) instead of a ‘known’ character.


Yay, Named character are not the most likely candidate for a 4th career, Gold Wizard could be a possibility, as could Hysh, Azyr, Ulgu or Shyish (Life and Beast wouldn’t really fit)

Did someone say Genevieve Dieudonné ???

Yes, I agree with everything said. This needs to happen and she makes the most sense. They don’t really even need to name her, she can just be a mystery woman that Lohner knows who comes along to give the U5 a hand. The voice lines with Salty boy will be amazing as well xD

We just need to convince Fatshark to make it happen. I’ve been bugging @Fatshark_Hedge about it for a while, but last I heard, there is currently no plans for a new character. They’re instead focusing on a new career for each current character instead. But let’s all be honest, the only class that needed a new career is Kerillian. The rest could of been put on hold to get Genevieve in game.

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I hope Geni gets in the game… hanging in a gibbet in the keep with her head cut off. I’m sick of hearing about this wench.


Then Why do you want a named character ?
A named known character but unnamed does not make sense to me

We should organize crowd-funding for this :smiley:

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Honestly, the speed and quality of the new carreers is what brought me to open up this (half in jest, half in earnest) topic. They could pull it off and I am certain it would be awesome.

Of course, I do not know who actually holds the rights to the character, so licensing might be an issue. But considering she has appeared in “Anno Dracula” and other Diogenes Club publiciations, I don’t think it would be much of an issue.

She just has, objectively, the biggest intersection of criteria for a 6th hero, both from the background, power-level as well as potential game-mechanics.

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I’d much rather get new maps. New careers/characters can be fun and interesting for a while, but besides creating some problems with consistency (like finding the new character in old maps) they get old fairly quickly, when what I can do with those is the Nth run of garden of morr…

In light of speed and quality I know they wont just feck up with doing 6th hero :smiley:

Don’t think it would happen after all the story of the game is about the ubersreik 5, not 6.
But in case it would happen it would have to be such a hated character that everybody exclude him from the title out of spite and are extra mean to him every chance they have.

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Why does everyone always bring up the U5? That was a title from the first game based on the city they were fighting in. Any new person who came along now wouldn’t get it anyway. If anything they’d be the helmgart six now with a new character.

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I also do not understand this argument. Even in the first game, adding a new hero wouldn’t have changed the fact the the original troup called themselves the U5. No one said that
a) the story is about the U5. The story is about the End times, suggested by the titel of the first game “End Times”. If other characters were to be excluded, what about Lohner? Or Oleysa? Or heck, “CUH-TREEEENA!”
b) Even if it was about the U5, that does not hold any evidence that it had to stay that way. If there was a VT3 (something I highly doubt there will be for a while) and they wanted to have 6 heroes, would they have to come up with 6 completely new ones as to not touch the holy U5?

I can see if you don’t want the vampire girl to be the 6th hero, but what I cannot understand is how, in general, one would be against a 6th hero at all. Getting cool new content is a GOOD thing.
Granted, yes, there’s a possibility a 6th hero might suck. But there was also the possibility the new carreers would suck, and so far, the contrary is true.

My lobbying for Genny-girl is because she would be something different and not just another spellcaster or elf or dwarf or human. We already have two ordinary humans (who have, granted, very distinct and recognizable personalities). I would even agree that getting a 6th hero for the sake of getting a 6th hero wouldn’t be too much of a good idea.

Genny would be a good choice also because it would add a “good” vampire that none of the heroes would have any quarrels with, at least no more than they already have with each other. She has, iirc, saved Karl Franz’s life, so that would put her on good terms with Salty and - to some extent - Kruber. She has settled in Altdorf and thus, would have common ground with Sienna’s Background. She is an essentially immortal woman with a “dark secret” and a “hidden agenda”, which would arouse sympathy with Kerillian. She has been to almost any corner of the Warhammer world, so Bardin might be inclined to probe her for information about “Karak Zorn” (in other words: whatever it is he’s really looking for), and Bardin has been shown to be the most accepting of the bunch (even though his overall interpretation and dialogue makes it seem that this is ALOT more superficial than the first glance might suggest. Bardin is, on the inside, alot less caring and more sinister than his carefree demenour would indicate imho) - and his questionable personal hygiene would allow for some hilarious banter as to why he’d be in no danger of Genny coming over for a “midnight-snack”.

If the plan is truly to support VT2 for 5 to 10 years, a new hero seems almost inevitable, and it should happen within the next year, or else, the player base isn’t big enough for such an investment to be profitable.

Her carreers are, pretty much, set: Lahmian Rogue (Stealth), Blood Dragon Blademaster (Tank / Undead Knights Errant), Von Carstein Blood Knight (Offensive CC akin to Merc), Strigoi Ghoul Queen (melee DPS akin to Slayer or Zealot).

Mark my words: It will happen :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, my other prefered choice would be a high elven spellcaster that had access to a different wind with each of his carreers. That would also be something else, lore friendly, and it would satisfy the crowd who desperately want a second wizard.

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The problem with Geneviève Dieudonné is that she is a named character that already has a separate Ip (which mean it’s “protected” and her lore can’t be changed that easily)

During the End time she currently serve Neferata (though they both dislike each other) in the World Edge Mountain (Silver Pinnacle) which is quite far from where we are

Basically on the centre/right side at the latitude of Karak Kadrin

The only time we see her (even though she is not named, it is implied to be her) is when she bring messages from Neferata to Gelt and then to Vlad Von Carstein

She is a Lhamian (The new vampire become the same kind as “parent”) which is why she is working with Neferata, having her change kind would be weird, weirder than even Kerrilian taking on the look of the High/Dark Elves

Also having a Blood Dragon and a Grail Knight would never be ok, sure Geneviève has been known to work with Grail Knight/Bretonnian but Blood Knight and GK hate each other as much as a Dwarf and a Skave/Green skin

Strigoi (be it normal or Kings) are nothing short of Beast, they hardly use any cloth/weapon and would fit more for an enemy Lord/Monster (Still intelligent iirc)

Geneviève should only appear as Fluff, not as an NPC as it wouldn’t make sense

But even the Dev are making jokes about it

I know. But hey, one can dream. The game is pretty liberal with backgrounds, anyhow.

I’m not hearing a " No!" :stuck_out_tongue:

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