[Improve] Kruber Swords

Yeah I’m not sure that’s a breakpoint we should be worried about. You couldn’t realistically control multiply CWs and they’re no threat if it’s one on his own anyway. Not to mention it’s not possible to interrupt their quick uppercut which is much harder to avoid than the overhead. Does stagger decrease as you cleave enemies? Like does that breakpoint only work if the CW is the first thing your swing hits?


This isn’t supposed to be standofish towards you, but it’s not the player’s fault that they added such versatile Weapons to the game, and made some of the original ones obsolete. I’d also argue that they underestimated how much Armour Piercing damage would be necessary. The disparity between some of the Weapons is absurd, while they don’t offer any more than their counterparts on what they’re supposed to be good at.

Bardin doesn’t really have one outside of playing on Slayer (where his Melee strength makes sense). You can say 2H Mace on IB and RV until your face turns blue, but the attacks aren’t fast enough to compete with the rest of the Weapons on this list.

Mace and Sword for Kruber.
Bretonian Longsword for Kruber.
Mace and Shield for Kruber.

Flail for Sienna.

SnD for Kerillian.
Daggers for Kerillian, if you want to risk RSI.

For Saltz, it’s easier to say the Weapons that aren’t. Flail and 2H Sword, which goes out of the window on Zealot, who makes both absurdly strong.

The point is: I can play Sword and Mace, and do heavies, instantly damaging Armour, CCing Hordes, while killing them for THP. Or I can play a 1H Sword and have to do two ‘nothing’ attacks, before my Armour damage happens, and it’s a Light Attack overhead.

On Sienna, I can play Flail and spam Heavies 24/7, CCing and Killing multiple Elites, or I can play Dagger and randomly have to hit Armoured enemies for like 0.2% of their health pools before I do my Heavy Attack.

I don’t want really strong on-demand damage, because that’s what leads to Saltz’ Weapons. I just want the chain to make sense, and do a bit of damage, rather than making me feel like my character has a head injury off camera.

There’s a ramp up for no reason other than balance, when the damage could just be made more spread out. It’s one of those things where you can ‘feel’ the balance or intentional downsides.


It’s time to D-D-D-Dual Hammers. In terms of versatility, Dual Hammers are up there on all three of Bardin’s careers. They struggle with bosses but otherwise do very well. Decent damage on heavies, and great push attack into light combo for single target dmg. Easiest horde clear in the game too, plus great stamina and mobility that’s on par with Cornetto and Toy Sword, which is the weapon it compares best to I think.

I’d like to see something done to the Warpick’s push attack and it given a slight increase in mobility to give it a unique identity not only among Bardin’s weapons, but also when compared to the Exec. The partial heavy could also do with some changes, as it’s only role is ‘I can’t get enough time for a full charge’.

Didn’t want to target anyone, just feel like Bardin’s in a pretty good spot overall outside of the Warpick and RV playing a little weirdly.


I agree. They need to keep the Melee Weapons kind of weak, but then give the Melee Careers tools to make them strong.

At the minute they’re strong outside of the Melee Careers, for the Weapons mentioned.

Bardin fits this perfectly, although I’d say 1H Axe is still a bit meh, for IB and RV too.

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