Immobilizers gone bandy!

Serious issues with immobilizers- hooks, sins, leeches will spawn in insane, fps dropping, audio glitching, ragdolling, stalling numbers, some inside of one another in perfect sync- only noticeable when you kill one and the other inside it gets you. There’s hooks in beastmen and chaos levels. So many are spawning that some are just stuck in their standing animation inside bloody walls or just in the middle of hordes. Leeches are spawning inside players again like back in year 1. One poor guy I was with this morning got quad leeched and then had 2 assassins spawn on his head just to say FU. Two models were suspended in the air not knowing what to do with themselves. His model was just smegged about like a ragdoll- it was hilarious but ending an hour’s game with bugs… not good. Spawning 4 is some cata 2 challenge stuff, but usually they at least get the audio warning. I had 2 hook simultaneously grab me through a wall in the Wastes Tower this morning… the ice skating one dragged me into the floor like something outta Stephen King but really glitchy. Another yesterday pulled our dwarf through the floor… didn’t stand a chance… we only realised it was a hook because when dead, we could see it’s back clipping through a brick as it ran on the spot.
Audio warnings are lost on some of them too. When twitch spawns 4, you hear the echo. When 4-12 buggy ones spawn, maybe one on the left gets audio lol.
This is in vanilla mode with the suicidal bots and phantom stabs back in force. No mods, and happens inside CW and in normal game too.

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