Imma just gonna rant about ult fix for zealot here

Devs, I don’t know what you thinking, but can you just play your own game before making nerfs.

Forget about the toughness bleedthrough and ult gets cancelled if you get hit by one lasgun shot while using it etc etc. I believe you guys have seem the similar post by the hundards for now.

What am going to talk about is the recent “FIX” so you call it on zealots ult “Chastise the Wicked”
First of all, have you ever test it out by using any type of chainsword before making this change?

Before the fix this ult used to have 4 sec of gauranteed crit hit on melee, it was a pretty decent ult,
fun to play with any type of melee weapon even with the thunder hammer. Cause we all know the hammer is big trash, hitting 3 mobs on a single heavy swing that takes forever to charge, huge dmg drop off after the first target, the special only hit once and it always got blocked by the 100 hp normies when you trying to hit da rager who’s charging at you when you low on heath, i don’t think i need to say more about it.

Now for the chainsword, yes the eviscerator to be exact, after the FIX, using my ult the 25% dmg buff only apply for my eviscerator’s first hit on my heavy attack, which it has 2 hit in total. Without the ult, my heavy attack does 107 and then 142 on crit, with ult my heavy does 385/142
As you can see the last hit on that heavy attack does not get the 25% dmg buff.

And here’s the fun part, the special attack does not get 25% dmg buff whatsoever on the eviscerator, no my friend, this time is not even about the first hit. Just look at the screenshots.

Yes the skill icon is also bugged, fix it if you can cause this bug has been here forever, also here’s the twist.
You can get the buff only after the first hit then use your ult

Overall it just why and how? even i use my special with thunder hammer in ult i only do 1271 dmg to a crusher, what am i going to do with it now? just use it and kill 3 mobs in a single heavy swing? Or gain 50% toughness so i can die in chip dmg through my toughness?

There’s so much bugs in zealot’s skills like the damn Holy Revenant, it just make me wonder maybe i should go back and play pskyer or vet since i got them level 30 already. But i love melee, chopping through enemy wave as a zealot was really fun and enjoyable.

The 4 sec crit hit was fine, but only one crit hit with bugged chiansword is not, get it through that thick skull of yours and find a better way to balance the game, we all here to enjoy the game and have fun, not finding a second job to make a living, buff things rather than making them worst unless they are game breaking would ya.

Also pls buff ogryn as a whole, i don’t play ogryn but even i know they are underpowered too, i’ll just wait till the game is fully released before consider should i refund or not, just face it cause now the balance of the game is not good, and when you thinking about all the bugs and server crashes and optimization so yeah, not good at all.

This explains why Eviscerator felt so bad after the patch - it’s not like 4 seconds of crit was OP it was still high risk/reward which is the whole point of the class. It would make a lot more sense from a balance perspective to buff all the things that feel weak before bringing any outliers back in line.

If I’m giving FS the benefit of the doubt I’m gonna assume this was listed as a bug for fixing but they’ve unintentionally nerfed the Zealot further and not had time to test it. We are the guinea pigs after all.

I’m pretty sure they don’t have time to test anything, after the patch i also encountered countless time of error code 4008, now i’m just stuck in a loop of error code 4008 and trying to reconnect back to my game over and over. I feel like each patch is somehow worst in its own way than the beta test back in oct.