Please be careful with how the Blessing, "Rampage" is fixed

I’ve heard from multiple people that apparently right now Rampage is still giving a damage boost as well as a powerboost which is obviously unintentional (I guess its Fatshark it might be part of the design). I assume that this will get fixed sooner or later. However I don’t think just fixing the bug is the right way to do it. I don’t feel like any weapon right now with Rampage is OP or too oppressive (I don’t play Heavy Sword so idk how strong it is there). However especially on stuff like the Chainsword and Eviscerator (Heavy Chainsword) I am worried that taking away this buff would send them hurtling from A rank weapons down back to C or D tier.

Personally I believe the best solution to this is to take some of the base damage provided by rampage and just apply it to the base weapons, at least for the Chain Weapons. There could still be an overall damage nerf when with rampage, but applying some of it to the base weapon would make them feel better even if you don’t have 3 enemies to fight and would also hopefully diversify blessing builds so you are not always forced into taking rampage.

At the end of the day, even if that is not the preferred solution, I hope you are able to put in a little extra effort to keep these weapons feeling good whenever the bug fix finally does happen. :grin:

From memory max rampage currently is like +104% damage which is hilariously even more broken than old slaughterer.

I can say from using the chainsword heavily without it that that weapon doesn’t need it to feel good. Evic I’ve only used with Rampage and I think it feels about appropriate, not obviously overtuned, but I wouldn’t be opposed to just fixing the bug then seeing how it feels.

Heavy Sword 100% doesn’t need bugged rampage. They just keep buffing that weapon and I have no idea why lol.

Claw sword gets by fine with just crit and finesse stacking, probably doesn’t require it.

Current power sword doesn’t even use it generally it’s such damage overkill.

Dueling swords maybe kinda need it for decent horde clear, not too sure there.

I think that’s all relevant weapons? So yeah I think most will be absolutely fine with the bug fixed, a few might need upward tweaks to compensate.

I would disagree here. It feels…fine? Just very ok. I don’t think a base damage increase with a rampage nerf would be uncalled for.

Idk I think it would fall off hard. I would say fix the bug, give it a damage increase and see how it feels from there…

Dueling swords it’s less the damage and moreso the cleave gained by power so I think they are fine

For me it’s mainly Chainsword and Evis. They’re finally good weapons after so long in a 40K GAME that I don’t want them to be made irrelevant again for another 1-3 months for Fatshark to fix them. Considering Rampage is already a BIS blessing for both of them no matter what your build is I think that such a huge nerf to them is not neccassary.

I dunno been heavily using a Wrath + bloodletter chainsword on my Vet since patch 13 and it feels fantastic to me. Before patch 14 I was joking to my mate that my hybrid Vet was being hard carried by chainsword. It’s not the highest horde DPS but it’s pretty safe and extremely target flexible so the horde DPS without rampage feels entirely appropriate to me.

Evic has mobility drawbacks that makes its rampage damage output feel reasonable, but I just can’t get behind that much horde DPS on chainsword.

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