Heavy Eviscerator reverted after this patch

The Heavy Eviscerator stopped scaling off of extra damage modifiers again. After much testing in the training room the damage on it is almost the same with or without ult on special charge attack. Before the patch an ult with the special into a heavy attack could kill a mauler, now the ult with special heavy only hits for around 30 extra damage over a regular charge heavy. Maybe a slight oversight? or was this intentional?


I noticed this too i was a little confused.

They also fixed zealot ult which used to give gauranteed crits for like 3 or 4 seconds(contrary to the description) instead of only on the first hit. Thing is,i didnt think zealot was even remotely close to op before with the unlimited crits for 4 seconds. He feels alot weaker when not using chain weapons now. But i guess i cant complain too much since that earlier behavior was not intended.

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Yeah I’m not sure the intentions with Zealot. Imo the zealot has felt the worst to play out of all the classes. Mine is currently level 20 with a large majority of my time being in my 30 Psyker. Ogryn only level 11 and all my friends are veterans lol. Zealot imo needs some changes to how toughness effects him or a better way to not get screwed from trying to play as a melee. The trait changes were really awful for Zealot too considering they didn’t work already before that patch and they nerfed them before fixing them. Would have been nice for them to have just fixed everything not working correctly and just held off on balance for awhile. Let more people find what’s strong/weak on classes at end tiers rather than basing everything off of level 1-10.

Upon further testing the reason the ult into eviscerator saw does less damage is due to the ult bugfix. Now only the first damage tick gets boosed resulting in a massive nerf to chain weapons when ulting. So basically the only weapon not severely begatively affected by this fix is the thunder hammer which is a weapon that has many problems in its own right


Oh wow, that’s actually much worse of an issue then if it’s broken in that aspect for chain weapons. Hopefully they go back on that ult change, it felt nice having the little niche elite/boss dmg there. Thanks for clarifying that!

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