Im getting lag while playing with my country's players :(

Hi, im from Vietnam. As title, i always get red ping (join other) or my friends get red ping (join my host) while playing with vietnamese friends and unplayable :frowning: But other country seem fine (i can play in Goofguy’s room with green ping and he comes from Singapore). Checked my firewall, Steam dowload regions but nothing wrong (Other games works fine without laggy). Pls help :frowning: and sorry for my bad english XD

This is my console log and user settings if need
console-2020-05-08-13.52.32-42d5930f-ae50-4f8b-9d41-ca216ebf2b41.log (1.1 MB)
user_settings.rar (15.6 KB)

I have the same exact problem. I’ve noticed it depends on the person I’m playing with. Some people from my country I have excellent ping with, while it’s just one first with whom my ping is terrible.
We found that a band-aid fix for this issue was using VPN to VPN into our own country using ProtoVPN, I recommend you try the same. Good luck!

These issues are unfortunately very hard to identify. The VPN is an option as mentioned above, I appreciate it’s not ideal.

Some other considerations:

  • See if the issues persist with mods disabled. The Player List Plus mod in particular has been known to result in connectivity issues

  • Within the ‘Network’ panel, enable the ‘Small Network Packets’ option*

  • Within the ‘Network’ panel, ensure your ‘Max Upload Speed’ is set appropriately to reflect your actual upload speed

*Please be aware this will result in connectivity issues if used in combination with the Player List Plus mod.

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