High ping after the latest update(patch 3.4)

before the patch went live my friends used to get around 50 to 80 ping when joining me. but after patch(3.4)the ping increased to a 160 to 210.
we even tried changing the host and it didn’t work
NOTE: we are from the same country/city and we never had this issue before this patch


Who ever is the host could have a stressed out cpu(the new patch, don’t know if it’s just related to mods but it has decreased fps count for many people and the cpu may be the culprit since it only happens in hordes or with many enemies)
I’m most likely wrong about this, but just sharing what I think

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Well no the host is the same as before and we even changed the host and tried that too,CPU is pretty good,and as i mentioned before, we never had this issue before.
it happend exactly after the latest update(patch 3.4)

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My first game with this patch i lost connection to the host.

First game in don’t know 100 or 200 games that it happent, might have been a coincidence, but i don’t believe in coincidence :wink: Lets see after some more games i guess.

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We’ll keep an eye on this. Thank you for your report.


Yeah, I had the same issue since this patch.
At first I thought it was my network’s problem, but after I joined some hosts and see all of the guests have a ping for about 200-300 ms, I realized it might be the patch’s problem.


I also have this problem. Before the engineer released, the daily ping was between 50 and 80. But after that, the pings in the last two days have been above 150 and even dropped.


Massive connection issues with the drop of the new patch in China. Both mine and other’s lobbies. There are even moments where I cannot connect to any of the lobbies, or with the entire team suddenly dropping. This has made the multiplayer experience rather dismal/


Same problem here. Me and my friends usually get about 50 - 90 ping but after the patch went live we have been getting around 170 - 210. We asked our ISPs and made sure it wasn’t a problem from them.


hello,i have the same issue since the patch 3.4 . i have high ping with my friends since the update. like i had 60 .70 ping with most of them now i have 170 ping or higher


Same problem here in South America, never had any issue with ping until after the latest update, it went from stable 60-80 to unstable 120-300.
Already did everything possible to confirm that the problem its not on my side.
Please, dear Fatshark, do something about it.


Do something,plz,Fatshark :face_with_thermometer:

Just want to add my experience in this.

Any New Zealand based games are all in the 80-120 range when before the patch it was 40-70 you wouldn’t get latency that high untill you connected to Australia based hosts.

Even if I’m playing in the same room as the host on the same internet connection it’s in the 80-120 range when it used to be around 40-50.

In such a fast paced game where reaction time is important it’s making things difficult.


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I used to be the host for my circle of 4-5 friends who played frequently (I’m the most central and have the best internet) and the game always ran great. We came back to play the new Bardin DLC and now we can’t play together at all – we seriously can’t make it through a single map.

No one can stay connected to me, and even changing hosts to my friend who’s a mile down the street, we can’t stay connected. My ping now bounces between 170 and 250. We’ve been literally unable to play any of the new content together. We have zero problems in other similar games like Deep Rock Galactic.

Could you please make an announcement when you sort this out?

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The same is here with me and my friends . we checked other games to see if the problem is form our internets but every other game works just fine.

Please add to:

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