VT 2 only high ping even with my country's player


i had trouble 1 month ago or more than 1 month ago which was made me play singleplay only
i don’t know somehow i solve at that time and now(from 1 days ago) i got tooooooo high ping even with my nation’s player
i could see more than 3000~5000 ping on world size lobby if i connect to them
so i checked my ping on other games it is good on them (48 ping on R6 Six Siege)
also i got similar probs like someone had Long time connection expired thing again

can you provide some help to me?

Just to avoid confusion, the ping noted in VT2 is (as far as I know, do tell me if I’m wrong) the ping from host to all other players, not your ping to other players.

Are the two screenshots with the same players (but different games)?

this game is dying so there are 20~30 players only in my country so i knew all of them cuz i do qp frequently
my ping when i enter their lobby was usually 1~20 but 2~3days ago, my ping suddenly surge into 200~300 in their lobby

yeah those SC from mine and all of game fine except VT 2

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