Ideas for Weaves & Deeds

I feel that the two pieces of content get a little beef as far as incentive.

Weaves & Seasons
I think it would be neat for Season Expeditions to offer more rewards. Portrait frames are awesome but would also like to see unique; Skins, Illusions, and Keep Décor as well as Shillings and Heroic Deeds as rewards for making Expedition Progress. Additionally, when a Season Ends you get some kind of Experience for other characters or Crafting Reagents based off the amount of Essence used in your Season.

Heroic Deeds
I see a lot of people dislike that Deeds take up loot spaces in chest and even at that they are very rare and ultimately don’t have much incentive (besides challenge) to complete. I say take Deeds out of chests all together and let them be passively earned through Okri’s Challenges or Purchased from Okri with Shillings. As far as reward, potentially offer Keep Décor for completing difficult ones and also offer a 15% XP bonus for completing them.

I personally feel these two alterations could make Seasons and Deeds more exciting and rewarding for players.

Simple thing as adding one-time Shillings reward for each weave done - could spark some interest. I would be really careful with locking skins and such behind Seasons. People bought the DLC already and can be still locked out of some content due to time restrictions or lack of skill, patience to get through challenges. I’m all in for some unlockable stuff if it doesn’t run away.

The way Bogenhafen DLC handled out cosmetics was also slap in a face “hey, thanks for buying the DLC but to get cosmetics you paid for - stay with us for next 25+ weeks to unlock all of them!”. The way they are handled in now is way better, you still need to unlock them, but at least you have a choice, they are reasonably priced, still take quite a bit to acquire but all in all it’s better.

Emporium has potential towards being a good groundwork for handing out prizes to players. Slap Shillings here and there for challenges and expand upon what Emporium provides (frames, decorations, art, etc.).

Deeds need rework in general. There were some really good ideas around here regarding the subject.

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