Idea for a second fun hazard condition other than shock troop

how do we feel about a condition taking the best of onslaught from vermintide

-increased spawn rates of everything
-shorter horde timer like vermintide (every 60 secs for normal then early or late -/+ w/e)
-hordes containing a mixture of melee elites like ragers, maulers, bulworks for cleave stoppers
-filled boss triggers, with an option to get 2 (since DT bossed can be nuked fast)
-more patrols
-𝘮𝘢𝘺𝘣𝘦 reworked final events but that might be asking too much

games getting old now and more n more people seem to be craving difficulty. what better difficulty can we ask for other than onslaught to kick it off. you tried deathwish with the elite resistance that had low intensity baked in it. that didnt work for many reasons im sure. look at hi int shock troop and why its so loved right now. its actually fast paced and very intense. compare that to dogs, fog, lights out, elite resistance. i know not everyones like the challenge and thats fine. think its time the challenge seekers got some love. give us some onslaught


they won’t do it, the risk of making the upcoming console version choke, would look horrible PR wise.
haven’t taken a look at their investors, but after DTs disaster i doubt, its looking all bright and sunshines.

they probably trying to lowering the risk for an outrage to an absolute minimum.

the way i see it FS, has been on that track for a while now, they really don’t care all too much about what the community want’s, and they are focusing on regaining goodwill (not from players but investors lol), and delaying everything just enough before the players boil over.

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Current gen consoles are on par or so with many people’s PCs, if not stronger, along with allowing better optimization due to standardized parts.

That might have been true on old gen, but for PS5/Series X it’s a lot stronger.

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Man i would LOVE this. This game needs more, bigger hordes, not less enemies!! That’s why the new mode sucks. The game is most fun when it’s pure chaos, not when you’re moving through the map with like one patrol to kill. Even hi shock is getting too easy. With the right team you can roll through hi shock like it’s a regular malice run.

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Yeah, i agree. Seeing what some people play on, it’s a wonder they can play this horribly optimized mess to begin with lmao! Another thing about consoles is theyre all the same, so often it’s easier for developers to work with consoles as well.

Oh? And who exactly are these masochists? :wink:

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it doesn’t matter, how good consoles are, even the smallest mistake, could lead to an outrage.
you and me both know that DT is horribly optimised, they already have insane problems to deal with,
they won’t create a game mode, that pushes any limits.

NOT because consoles are to weak, but because its a new release.
imagine a world where they receive 40%-50% in reviews AGAIN, after supposedly half a year of amazing improvements done to the game, and the claim of the company to “Fix the game” meant nothing.
giving the console community one more potential angle to critique is stupid, that’s why

honestly, not worried about consoles, PR, investors, numbers… none of that. nobody on this forum should. we’re gamers, we’re here to game on PC.

the reaction when shock troop comes around vs any other hazard condition is wild. look at what shook troop does vs what the other conditions dont do.

im jus suggesting we explore this alley. darktide is not giving us twitch integration, not giving us modded realm. what it is giving us is 2 low intensity maps for the last 3 rotations as of 8:00 am est sunday on the hardest difficulty and almost every night when im on. not always low intensity but more often then not, it is.

im suggesting this playlist because whenever shock troop comes around, 1: its hype and alot of people genuinlely are amped for it, and 2: its usually hi intensity unlike all other modifiers. this onslaught replica im suggesting will hopefully bring that kinda hype to otherwise, a very boring n braindead low intensity darktide


wich they could and should, people have begged them for 6 months by now, to give us permanent acess to HI, shocktroop, but it falls on deaf ears, i like the suggestion, it was among the best deed modifiers, but what other reason do you see for them not listening to anything the community wants, and spare me with console release ocupies them RN, there are changes that would require less than a line of code and would pacify the community alot.

but they don’t do it, only suggested why i think that is.

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Even just any form of choice in difficulty selection outside of pick t1 or pick t5 would be a great start. everything listed here would be great in the long run but just the option to not play low intense or low intense but this time make it dogs or snipers would be great. Not everyone can sit around and wait for their favorite map or condition and why should they?



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