I think the devs are onto us... (another red post)

Keep posting about how awful duplicate reds are, well today I got my 3rd red executioners sword with the same illusion and my 4th Helmgarts Roar Blunderbuss… like come on dude, 22 reds now and I use 3, make the tyranny end, please implement something to make this remotely bearable. Honestly at this point I wouldn’t even be happy with “no duplicates” can we just transforms reds we already have into other useful ones? Let us use all that worthless orange and blue dust, even scrap for it. Please… this game has gone from fun to absolutely soul crushing.


I just want a %@@#&#&# longbow for my ^@%##^@ huntsman!


Sorry, not happening. This is the exact issue, I addressed in my post about rng. And not just me alone.

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rip the dream.

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Acknowledgment is the first step of breaking with a harmful habit.

Its like smoking but this gives you canc3r faster.


Fatshark’s Vermintide 2 crafting system, or how to turn an incredible game into an authentic crap.


Meanwhile I have 400+ hours,playing exclusively on legend and had two red drops, a trinket and a charm and I accidentally destroyed the trinket because It’s hard to tell them apart from oranges.

You have #blessedbyRNJesusproblems. I wish I were so lucky.


did you play much in 1.0.5 or this current beta? only times the droprates seem fixed. Also I don’t feel RNG blessed, 4-5 of the people I frequently run with all have more reds than I do and similar hours, they also got luckier on what reds they got /shrug.

About 100 hours after 1.0.5 , 1.0.8 beta included. I’m not even mentioning cosmetics,because I just gave up on the thought of getting one unless I invest literally a couple thousand hours in the game and my playtime is shrinking by the day.


I meant inside 1.0.5, before 1.0.6 which I still think screwed drop rates. I saved boxes for that patch so, I think that was a large contributing factor to my # of reds. Regardless, you have 2 right now, I only use 3, so outside of how many i’ve found, we might as well be the same!


Yes plz Fatshark. The duplicate problem is real. Removing the possibility for duplicate weapons would be best. Red trinkets/charms/necklaces I would appreciate having several of a kind, so I can really make diverse builds.

Also make acquired illusions permanent inventory items (in their separate inventory) and remove the cost of extracting one.

Also give us red dust from melting the current duplicate reds and give us a chance to craft random reds from that dust at a “reasonable” dust/item ratio. So those players who already have duplicates would benefit from their massive amount of hours played.


I opened 154 legendary vaults almost all of which were soldiers and above and want to know what I got? 2 Red glaives which I already have, another red hagbane and 2 more red trinkets. I even opened 8 emperor vaults straight and got NOTHING.

Don’t even bother trying to farm this game. In fact don’t even farm in general, you’ll be dead by the time you’ve gotten everything. I enjoy collecting things as much as the next person, but I cannot grind any more boxes. Why endgame stat progression is tied directly to unfair rng I will never know, I’d rather just go back to Vermintide 1 loot because at least then you can improve the stats on your weapon without having to reroll the stats another 180 times.

For me personally the loot system puts me off playing instead of giving me an incentive to come back for more. The loot in the first game could get frustrating but did not unfairly lock the most important stats behind lootwalls.


I think red items should be replaced with red tickets.

Red items are frustrating. Most people get things they don’t want. Worse, many people get duplicates of things they already have. Players also get reds for characters they might not want them for.

I propose that loot boxes drop red tickets instead of red items. The ticket could be redeemed for a single red item of the user’s choosing. Reds would still be rare (too rare IMHO), and they’d also be more fair to players who have grinded the game.


yeah i’ve suggested maybe doing a token system before.

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I think it is pretty clear that somehow, the RNG favours things you already have. Like rerolling traits on items, where you reroll the same trait 5 or more times in a row, which happens so often that it should be statistically impossible. I mean, my red weapons consist of: 1h Axe for Bardin, 2x Hammer and Shield for Bardin (dropped almost back to back), 2x Grudge Raker, 4x(!) Drake fire Pistols (three dropping almost back to back) 2x Mace for Kruber (dropped almost back to back), Handgun for Kruber, Conflag Staf.

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I don’t understand why ppl still open threads/keep complaining about this. FS alrdy announced in their last Q&A stream how they are gonna address this - they are gonna keep dups but they can only drop after you finished your set. This is pretty much the best solution all around.

because the people that farmed 20+ reds already want some compensation its canc3r. I don’t want to keep farming bullsh*t thats no a good fix. It just says my 350 hours were wasted.

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They should of done this before the game was even released. In vt1 duplicates weren’t a thing. Now they have to make amends for people getting duplicates of things they don’t want!

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