I think phantom swing is related with pc specs

Having both pc and lap top, my freind wants me to be host when i use lap top

While i play as lap top, i feel more phantom swing with rapier, halberd(first swing) and dd

For DD, it is weird becuz i don’t feel any phantomswing at my desktop but my lap top makes me feel it

Well, I didnt change my PC at 1.2 release…
Also FPS issues and low end CPUs caused problem since game launch, but I doubt this current ghost strike issue is caused by that.

Could be true… If the PC isn´t able to load everything correctly or fast enough.

I never had any issue with phantom - swings and i´ve got a quite strong PC.

it happens the more ‘framey’ a game gets. eg if there’s a beam staff sienna causing everyone’s FPS rate to tank . even on host it happens

Vsync OP :smiley:

I have a fairly highly speced pc 2700x and 1080ti and I’m getting phantom swings with the rapier.

At first I did not really realise what was going on, but the higher the density the more I seem to get them.

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