I seriously have no idea how Fatshark missed this... but

Playing Legend with bots is 100% easier now with the new reworked talents, traits, and weapon balances.

Combining one necklace trait, in particular, with the heal share talent will now sustain you and your bots throughout Legend runs. I noticed a huge difference in the amount of healing I received with and without the necklace trait. Without the necklace trait, the 20% from the heal share talent is horribly small but with the necklace trait, it almost fills my bots health bar as well as mine to max level. I have no idea if this was intended or not but it’s definitely amazing!

Prior to this new update, I would only get one grim with bots on Legend as sometimes they make terrible mistakes and die an absolute horrible death. Now, I can get all tomes/grims and have full health throughout the run.

This is how you do it:

Have you and your bots run this necklace trait:

Run heal share talent on your tank bots:



Now run your heal share talent on your squishy bot who will ultimately hold all of your heals:


Just in case things get dicey, also run heal share talent so you can clear multiple wounds on your bots. I thought the necklace trait only applied when directly healing yourself or getting directly healed by an ally but it also includes the heal share talent. Sustaining heals has never been easier! I like to run heal share on all of the bots just in case they decide to pick up and use heals before you reach the tomes.

There you have it.

Legend mode is now easy mode with bots :slight_smile:


Even without the heal share talents/traits it’s still easy mode.


I’ve been doing full book legend runs with bots ever since they introduced the option to tell bots to pick up grims and hold on to tomes. Noticed that bots are great with some weapons (cleave weapons with easy light attack patterns), but absolute trash with others. They also like to push a lot so increased stamina regen works wonders on them.
As for the heal share with 30% increased healing trait, that SHOULD only boost it to 26% of your max health. Will have to do some testing to see if that’s not the case?

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