I know we're all frustrated I get it, but don't take it out on Aqshy and Catfish

They’re just the messengers, they relay what they’re told to relay. They have no control in how fast the development goes.

Stop being so hostile to them.



Between the 2 of them they have issued over 40 posts in reddit alone in 2 days.

Catfish hasnt posted here in 2 weeks.

Im not even counting discord.

If they are refusing to post on the offical forums and using other media instead, ill call it out.

Now to be fair im not calling them names or anything like that. I dont advocate for that.


Aqshy literally posted today what are you talking about?

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I said Catfish hasnt posted here. Technically Aqshy aint even the DT CM. Catfish is.

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Can you blame her? She’s brand new to the CM job and afraid she’ll get attacked if she posts here like Aqshy has been. So she posts on Discord for now where people are more cordial.


You gonna tell me reddit is more cordial than here? Thats where she posts non stop. From a fresh week old account.

Nah mate, messenger should post where the message belong. She even said it wasnt her first rodeo.

What is all this white knight stuff happening today. And so many new accounts too.


It’s okay to post memes that make fun of FS. It’s okay to say you think the devs are being incompetently managed, or greedy, or misguided. Who knows ? They made quite a lot of bad decisions or easily avoidable mistakes, especially if you look at VT2.

But please don’t personally attack CMs, even if they don’t post as often as you think they should. They don’t have anything to do with the actual work being done on the game.

And it’s not a huge mystery why they post on Discord (which is very aggressively moderated, and easily available on mobile) or Reddit (which is pretty popular for most video games).
We’re here because we like traditional text forums, because we like yelling into the ether, because we make bug reports, and because we don’t care enough for other social media. If we wanted long chats with CMs, well obviously this might not be the best place to do that.


Actual attacks i do not advocate for. Saying they arent doing their job properly tho isnt a personal attack on their character.


This is my most charitable interpretation. I get posting updates here for posterity and consistency but it seems like there just isn’t that many people here compared to Discord or Reddit, and most of us probably also frequent one of those two sources anyway.

It’s one thing to post major updates and patch notes (which does seem to happen here when they’re available) but I imagine it’s not really worth the trouble of popping into the forums to answer questions from the 100 or so people who actively post and lurk here, who probably already got the news from one of the bigger outlets.

not frustrated by being FS customers for years, but i played Krater :stuck_out_tongue:

Leave Brittney alone!

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I haven’t seen anyone assign blame or get frustrated at the CM’s and the devs themselves, everything has been aimed at “management” so far


Getting angry with a CM is like getting angry at the person behind the check-in counter at the airport because your flight got delayed.
They literally have zero input into stuff you are raging about.

“Why are they not posting updates here…”
Repeat after me:


when CM’s who are payed to you know ~ manage-the-community~ are simply not here or posting where they fancy when it’s their actual JOB title and these are the official forums then it’s fair game to push back against the complete lack of… CM’s managing community expectations.

Personally attacking individuals is different though.


I guess they could provide some opiate prescriptions for community members who cannot be managed otherwise?


A community manager hiding in discord* because the forum is mean is a failure of a community manager. But we all knew how this was going to go once the lie factory that is Fatshark assigned someone named Catfish as the CM. The irony is just too thick.

*If you have to download a 3rd party app to get updates, the community is not being managed effectively


They literally have a tab in these forums called Announcements, copy/paste doesn’t require much effort, they are inept or lazy. Hell, they can disable comments and just provide information.


Actual personal attacks aren’t OK, and never will be.
Calling out their crap is. They’re making Fatshark as a company look more incompetent than necessary.


Go outside. Get some fresh air. Drink a beer. Get a hobby that is less stressful. Your posts make it sound like you are about to have a Stroke. Games are meant to be fun. If a certain game is not fun for you right now, then take a break. Geez, even my 10 year old knows that.