I hate the crafting system so much it kills the game for me

I wanted to try something other than braced for my Zealot to spice things up. Found this beauty of a headhunter with 80% damage at blue rarity.

Consecrated it, and now it will never be able to one shot headshot both scab & dreg shooters in Damnation. It went from gold to trash, and I will never use it.
It’s always going to end up like this:


F uck this system, it’s so idiotic I have no words to describe it even. How on earth can a developer come up with this absolute garbage? How is this fun? Wheres the player agency?


I feel you. I’ve ruined my single best and most fun rifle because Hadron RNG too.

there is a tiny chance that they’ll remove perk reroll lock and let us rebless both blessings…


It’s really just a slot machine at the moment.

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I got Blaze Away on BOTH Rumblers I crafted from white with high base stats…

blaze away on a single shot ranged weapon, WHY?!?!?!?

Welcome to the club.

Too many pure RNG systems. You’d think they would have learned something from vermintide.

We need the ability to craft new white items outside of the shop. We need the ability to reroll every slot, whatever the cost. We need the ability to cash in diamantine for more plasteel to address the drop rate imbalance. We currently have none of these things and if they don’t smarten up this game will have no future.

Yeah, I’m not even bothering with crafting until the entire system is in place.