I feel like some of the tooltips for talents and abilities are lacking numbers that describe how much of something they do

What i mean by the title is for example Bardins slayer passive

“Trophy hunter”
Stacking damage buff on hitting an enemy

I think its a really cool ability but i would really like to know exactly how much one stack is.

This gets even more relevant when you can select other talents at lvl 15 such as

“Moving Target”
Trophy hunter also increases defence per stack


“Adrenaline surge”
On max stacks, trophy hunter grants cooldown reduction towards leap

These are both intresting talents but in my opinion i feel like i should be able to know exactly how much of something is gonna do for me if i commit to that talent.

There are examples after all, where a talent describes just how much of a diffrence its gonna make if you select it, i just think the lack of concistency in this regard is abit bothersome.

Thats my two cents.


These are good examples of numerical values that are helpful that need to be added. Unlike weapon stats and hero power they are not snarls of complex mechanics that vary but insteadare very straightforwards what you see is what you get.

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