Talent descriptions

The line “Does not stack with similar effects”. Does it take Sharpanel as a similar effect? Does it take the WHC spotting as such?
I have no clue.

“Increases Stagger Power by X%”. Another one that tells me nothing. How does it make my stagger more powerful? Does it last longer? Am I able to stagger elites out of charge attacks?

“Ranged attack deal X% more damage to injured enemies.” Nice. Its absolutely clear what needs to be done here if there was a note somewhere what counts as an injured enemy.

“Increase cleave power by X%” is another gem. Numbers, please. Does it mean you are able to cleave through 50% more targets, or is your cleave attack actually more powerful?

The stagger Talent line shows that you are able to use more than a dozen signs to describe what the Talent will do for you. Cryptic Bible text that is open for interpretation and guessing has no place in a Talent tree.


Each weapon attack have its own stagger power cleave power, Its quite clear.
Injured is injured not full hp.
You clearly dont know how cleave work or power, go for wiki or google.

He’s not wrong, tho.

The answer should be no, they don’t stack, but now we have an entire mechanic adding 20%+ damage to everything plus talents mutating that damage further. Do they stack?

Also valid. Does this make a staggering attack skip state 1 and put enemies into the 2nd stagger state?

Should be anything with less than 100% health, but it wouldn’t be the first time FS put an erroneous description in a talent (whc tag for instance).

Valid. If every one of Kruber’s weapons have tons of cleave and heavy-linesman then what does adding more cleave to the highest cleaving weapons on the highest cleaving class actually do?

And, yeah, the descriptions of the stagger talents are a mess. Stuff like Mainstay and Smiter are worded confusingly.

stagger power is how much mass it will cleave till it wont stagger at all.

And adding more cleave for highest cleave character, you know not everything have lowest mass possible (gors ekhu ekhu marauders)

Stagger power is not cleave. Increasing stagger power lets your attacks reach thresholds for better stagger animations.
Injured enemies is below 50% health.

From testing on modded, yeah 50% seems right (on monsters) rest is incosistent.

I’m actually not sure if its correct its so long ago that i checked how it worked, but from what I gather there is each weapon stagger modifier (heavy light atk etc) what max mass will stagger and each cleaved mass is - to starting value of stagger power, probably if its x more than its treshold its different stagger level (like knocking back) and ofcourse there is their animation stagger resist etc

I am fairly certain WHC tag passive, shrapnel and off balance trait fall into this. No idea about other passives and/or talents mostly because I played only WHC so far on the beta and have no idea what talent changes have other characters.

So yeah, basicaly what this means is only one of those dmg bonuses will apply, so it’s always 20% no matter how many bonus dmg debuffs you apply. (Actually I have no clue what happens if WHC has 25% bonus dmg from talent while having multiple debuffs)

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All answers I get are guesses and estimates and just points out further that Talents need to be worded a lot clearer.

I dont want to assume Iam able to stack damge buffs, because one is missing the “does not stack” line, or guess what “increased Power” regarding something like cleave or stagger means.

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