I dont understand why ppl complain about red upgrade

Few weeks ago, bogengafen dlc was released and dlc buyers complained about getting chest was too hard (25 qp 1week)
I remembered majority of community blames dlc owner who complained like you have great map, you will have nice illusion, it is a thing that you support dev…

Now red upgrade comes with no illusion provided.
But if you bought dlc, you got 30ish purple illsuion and simply just apply dlc illusions
I mean why dont buy dlc?
It is just 10 bucks, also you can show your support to dev and you can get red illusions.
Dlc was totally useless before red upgrade patchs
You can play dlc maps with qp even if you dont have dlc also nobody choose dlc maps cuz it need much time than normal maps

Dlc owners need something better than non dlc owners
Want red illusion?
Buy dlc

I’m really not sure what point you’re attempting to make. (I’m talking as an owner of the DLC, )

Red’s should have an illusion when they drop. (and should now after the recent patches I believe.)
Purple light illusions are not Red (blue light) illusions, for a start I think they glow on any weapon so again…
What do you mean by “Red upgrade patches”.
A lot of people don’t really appreciate the length of the new maps, Personally I quite like them, I do think they could have a couple of loot dice for the extra time spent, and that the sword theft feels like it needs a unique boss or something.

I was little surprised that any party can get the DLC maps without someone in the group having purchased the DLC, but on the whole I don’t see the price as a huge loss, that said I have a decent wage and that makes a difference to how you perceive the cost.

It might have been nice if the DLC had included some keep cosmetics or something for people who laid out the cash but on the whole I’m fine with it, the DLC achievements are much easier for me to get than someone who did not buy it.


I haven’t got the DLC because I don’t think it’s worth it to pay for a pack where half the content advertised is “cosmetic” and also locked behind an RNG grindwall.

I also think adding glows and recolours to existing models are the laziest form of ‘cosmetics’. I wouldn’t have minded it as much if there were new models for the armour and weapons, but there isn’t, so I don’t think it’s worth it, even for $10US.

That being said, the new maps are nice, but not instant-buy great.

I would prefer it if the reds had unique models al a V1, or if they wanted something different to V1 they should have made it that if you apply any skin to a red it would have the runes and glow, not this 1-2 skins per weapon type.

And regarding the crafting of reds, I care about the property numbers much more than a glowy skin (they look a bit tacky and an afterthought on a bunch of weapons).

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Because 1) A purple illusion can be put on any weapon and it does not signify that your weapon is actually red. 2) It does not have the same glow as reds. 3) using FIVE REAL REDS to craft one FAKE RED is not acceptable!


What is Important about that, so the blue glow represents a weapon found in the wild not made in the keep, big deal.

Currently red weapons get a blue glow, which you can chose to loose for a different illusion, it’s not like red weapons glow because they are red, they glow becuase of the illusion they have.

I’m not sure I get the point here, I have 6 red repeater pistols with 2 illusion types, (which will apparently go into an illusion unlock thingy now…) I can happily dust at least 4 of them, why are you upset that you can use that dust to upgrade orange stats to red.

Incidentally I like the illusion DB thing as it means players who only got 1 red illusion for their 2 red weapons will be able to apply the illusion to both weapons now.

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Regarding 1.
It is a big deal as the one I make in the keep comes with no illusion at all. I am forced to lootbox RNG a dlc to get one.

Regarding 2.
Right, and that illusion isn’t infinite, it’s one per weapon and you can only find one in a chest (RNG).

Regarding 3.
First see 2, then acknowledge this.
If dupes weren’t a thing, which they weren’t in vt1 when we were promised a better loot system in vt2. I wouldn’t have to use FIVE ACTUAL RED DROPS (I want you to read that more than once) to get one illusion-less red in return.

This whole system is just a cheap way to make people buy bogenhafen DLC to get purple illusions to put on illusionless reds. Which is complete RNG and doesn’t actually signify that you have a red it just shows you got a bogenhafen chest. And what if I actually want a blue glow instead of purple?

Maybe because it is an obvious move to push us to buy the dlc (two maps = 8€)? Reward system and crafting system are, since day one, SIMPLY TERRIBLE (just rng, rng and rng)… after all these months, we have finally a little improvement… ruined by these absent illusions.

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They have something you want, you either pay for it or you don’t. It’s kind of an economic reality.

Are you just not reading the patch notes??? Literally 1 line below the part where they say crafted reds don’t get illusions they say.

I don’t see how that can be any clearer.

Forget it, your argument is baseless if it hinges on point 2. And while I like having duplicate red weapons for different load-outs, something you could not do in verm 1. You don’t seem to value duplicate weapons , so I don’t get why you’re so upset about 5 dust.

Further you’re contradicting yourself, if illusions had no value, you wouldn’t care if they were there or not, if they have value then the DLC must have value, which you claim it does not.

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Jesus christ dude.

I still need to RNG loot the fking red weapon I want in order to get its illusion. Even if patch notes lets me keep it around infinite times after.

Obviously you enjoy getting shat on and milked for money, but not everyone does. I’ve bought every dlc fatshark has put out so far in both games.

You’re just a fanboy this one line in your reply tells me why you aren’t worth debating “They have something you want, you either pay for it or you don’t. It’s kind of an economic reality.” That is the most stupid reply I’ve ever read for why we should get one illusion-less red for five real illusion reds.

This is like you paying for a netflix subscription and then trading in 5 shows with video and audio to get that one show that isn’t on netflix but in return it takes away the audio (well dude, you have subtitles, you don’t need audio)

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Yeah insults are going to win this…

At 708 hours of game play I recognise what is valuable in this game to me, game play. I don’t understand why people get freaked out about illusions. There are many serious game play issues, though some are getting ironed out… illusion management/illusions in the item cap, being two of them.

I like that illusions change and I like the fact that they are not some micro transaction bs. I like that red look different, but I really don’t care if they don’t look any different from normal weapons. And I certainly don’t think that being able to craft red stats means I’m entitled to an illusion.

You’re netflix example is flawed. The argument that they are shitting on us because the gave us something free, (craft-able red stats) is flawed.

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