I cannot launch the game

Hello, I can not get the game to run in Steam since the last update. I can get into the game via the bypass launcher function, but then I can’t play with anyone because it shows me that I have a different version than my teammate. I have reinstalled everything, checked the game files and updated the graphics card but nothing helps.
Here is a picture of the error I get all the time. After that it just disappears and nothing else happens.

Screenshot (3)

Hi @Malcuir,

Please try running through all of the solutions here:

We’ll be making some updates to the launcher soon which should address this issue.

Let us know how you get on!

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. The solution with the .Net Framework repair unfortunately did nothing, but via the launcher workaround I at least get into the game. Unfortunately I can’t play with anyone there, because no games are displayed online. When I try to join one of my friends directly, I only get the message that my game version is not compatible with that of the other player. So I guess I’ll just have to wait for the update, but thanks for the suggestions anyway.

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My friend and i, have tried in steam to ‘Verify the Integrity of Game Files’ and that helped. We can both play now.

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How soon? Like, in a few hours or within a few days?

Glad you could resolve the issue!

It’ll be some time next week at the soonest. I’ll discuss with the developer handling launcher improvements on Monday.

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