MainWindow invocation error

I haven’t been able to launch the game since the update, I’ve already tried the “how to resolve most launcher issues” page I’ve seen some staff giving out, none of these work for me. This is the error message I get when trying to launch the game, already reinstalled, verified integrity, etc etc.


Hi @TeddySpaghetti,

We’ll be releasing new launcher updates soon, and moving away from CefSharp which has caused a few hiccups. In the meantime, I believe you should be able to play by using the launcher workaround. You can check out how to do this here:

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Is there a way to use the launcher workaround where I can play with friends? Because that basically puts me into the beta and tells me ne and my friends are playing different versions.

Hmm. Could you try repeating the Launcher Workaround steps again?

Using the bypass launcher workaround shouldn’t effect being to play with friends - they are on the same versions.

  1. Right-click Vermintide 2 in your Steam library
  2. Select ‘Properties’
  3. Select the ‘Betas’ tab
  4. In the dropdown, select ‘Temporary Launcher Workaround’
  5. Restart Steam
  6. Launch Vermintide 2
  7. Select the ‘Bypass Launcher’ option
  8. Click ‘Play’

Nope, that’s what it does. I also saw other people posting about this and saying it does it for them- it won’t work when they try it. I saw a post someone made earlier about this same problem.

If you look here, this person is having the exact same problem, and it’s telling telling the same thing.

I tried three different times to make extra sure I was following the steps exactly.

Hmm, we’re having some difficulty reproducing this our end.

Could you please launch the game using the bypass launcher workaround, attempt to connect to a game/friend and then provide us with your console log from the session? This would let us see what’s happening under the hood and could really help :slight_smile:

To do so:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs
  4. Locate the console log that corresponds with the session in which the issue occurred, by looking at the timestamps in the log names
  5. Upload* the appropriate console log to us

Thanks in advance!

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