Game won't launch

Just purchased Vermintide 2 on Steam. Excited to start playing and then I immediately run into this error.
Please Help!

MainWindow invocation error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Launcher.GameSettingsHolder.<.ctor>b__89_6()
at Launcher.GameSettingsHolder.parseSetting[T](String key, Func`2 parse_func, Boolean force_default)
at Launcher.GameSettingsHolder.LoadSettings(Boolean force_default)
at Launcher.GameSettingsHolder…ctor(SysInfo si)
at Launcher.MainWindow…ctor()

Restarted pc. Verified files through steam. Tried clicking the game .exe directly just flashes a black box and no launch. Launching through steam gets me the same error response.

This link might help

In Steam library, properties for Vermintide 2, betas tab, if you switch to temporary_launcher_workaround and then launch the game, picking the “bypass launcher” option, does it still crash?

What if you remove the FatShark folder from your Roaming folder in User/AppData?

Followed instructions. Now I get splash screen, then a black box in the upper left had corner and a brief popup that said Vermintide II. Then nothing, no error message.

What are your PCs specifications @Sulcath?

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