Game crashing on start up

I have recently tried to get back into the game, but when i try to start it up, it goes to a black screen and crashes. This is the error I am getting.
GUID: 7ecd3fde-236b-46f5-99f0-233e76d2a60c
Log File:
Info Type:

Hi @robuscuss,

As a first port of call, could you try running through the solutions in this article:

so I have tried the verify files on steam, which found 1 file that it downloaded but that hasnt fixed it. I tried it again and it didnt find any missing files that time. None of the other solutions seemed to do anything.

Hm okay, then could you try the solutions here?

Again, the solutions didnt seem to do anything, except when i tried the temporary launcher workaround, it crashed without giving me a crash report :smiley:

Sorry to hear that robuscuss :frowning: If the solutions in both of the articles have not proven to be successful then we may be at a bit of a loss. Would you like us to contact Steam and request that they issue you a refund?

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