Crashes on Startup - pse help

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Keeps crashing on start-up.

Unfortunately, your Intel® UHD Graphics 630 does not meet the minimum requirements for Vermintide 2.

That’s weird because I’ve been playing it all week? I’m playing it on a Dell G7 which is more than capable with displaying Vermitide 2 graphics. Must be something else surely?

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Hm, I saw the GPU and automatically assumed that to be the culprit. But I see now you might be missing a DLL.

Please have a look at:

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Still nothing. Have installed NVIDIA, re-installed the game, checked integrity and the same crash on start-up. As I said, was working fine all last week on my new PC Dell G7.

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Any ideas Julia? Still keeps crashing on start-up.

Still looks to be a missing DLL. Please launch Vermintide 2 via the directory below:

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Vermintide 2\binaries
  2. Launch vermintide2.exe

On doing so, an error should be displayed referencing which particular DLL is missing. Please tell us what this error says.

MSVCR110.dll not found. Says reloading the programme may sort it but I’ve already done that.

Try installing/repairing this:

Perfect - you’re a star. All works now - VMT!

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