Unable To Launch Game

Hi there! When I hit play in Steam, the launcher for the game does not open. I’ve tried verifying the game cache, reinstalling from scratch, restarting my PC, to no avail. I’ve tried opening the game through the Launcher.exe file, but it doesn’t do anything, including when I try in admin mode. If I open the game through the easyanticheat file, it launches without the launcher, but I can’t connect to the game servers (presumably because it’s not hooking my steam profile properly since the launcher is skipped)

Previous beta worked well enough for me, so it’s not a hardware issue. Drivers are updated as of today.

I’m experiencing exactly the same situation as you. So far I’ve only tried verifying the game files and launching the client directly, but I’ve been met with the same results: No success and the login backend error respectively.

The October beta ran fine for me.

Extremely comforting to hear I’m not alone lol, nobody else I’ve asked has experienced it so far. Fingers crossed! What specs do you have, just to compare?

I’ve got a 2080, Ryzen 7 3700x, and I’m on Windows 11.

1080ti, Intel i7-5820K, and Windows 10

I’ve seen at least one similar report of the same problem on the steam user forums, but last I checked that thread had no resolution.

OH I got it to launch! I had to go to appdata > roaming > fatshark and delete my config file from the October closed beta. I also reinstalled the previous beta and then promptly uninstalled it, as well as restarted steam for good measure. Hope this works for you!

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Good catch.

You might not be able to verify since you said that you deleted it, but I recall now that I had set my user settings file to read-only because of the obnoxious issue during the october beta where our controls were constantly reset upon each launch. I suspect that you may have done the same and that the read only status of user_settings.config file may have been the culprit. I’m getting some poor performance upon launch, but I’ll poke around in the settings later. Maybe update graphics drivers.

That was what I assumed as well, yeah i did set it to read-only to adjust some mouse settings. I notified Hedge about it in the creator’s club discord. See you in the underbelly!

Happy to hear you were able to solve this by removing your AppData!

i7-6700 3070 with 64G of RAM. The game fails to launch after hitting play and the crash report doesn’t generate any useful info. I have tried everything on the net and still cant launch. If I launch direct from the exe I can get in, but I get a backend error after pressing space. This is pretty frustrating.

did you delete the appdata like i mentioned in this post?

Yes, I have tried everything mentioned on the internet. Tons of different settings, removed my anti virus, upgraded my video card and yes… deleted appdata.

whenever I play 20m 30 mins I get this GUID: 3cef9921-0009-426c-ab0e-c5d20f9425c3
Log File:
Info Type: