I came back after almost a year... and wow!

like the title says i came back after almost a year (i left after christmas and played the beta) and i’m happy to see that the game feels much more polished, the servers are more stable and the FPS do not have many and huge drops like before. and i’m really enjoying the crafting system too.

i’m also so happy that now you can buy the weapon you want, without waiting for the rotation and the omnissiah to bless your RNG, yes the stats of the weapon are still RNG dependant and so are its blessings, but i don’t think the situation is so bad now, i managed to get all i want (curios and weapons with the right blessings and 375+ base stats) in like 12 hours of playing (also there isn’t so much grind like people made me believe, the resource earning feels just right).

i’ve also noticed that now the resources are shared between characters (money and materials) this is a very nice change and i really appreciate it.

overall i now feel satisfied with the game, and i am hyped to see what Fatshark is cooking with the class reworks announced for October.

Good Job Fatshark! i’m happy to came back to the game and you re-earned my trust.


Actually, Brunt’s is the remaining problem of the crafting system…
The quality of the weapons given by this shop is really low (by quality I mean the modifiers rating). Nothing comes to mitigate the full RNG and the problems inherent of such system (= you loose all your money to get too few weapons interesting to craft).

I work on stats for crafting (I did a spreadsheet to calculate the odds based on the crafting I actually do). Believe me, having a good quality weapon is the first step to craft… and Brunt is not an answer to this problem. It could have been… but what gives Brunt is just garbage…

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Oooh, now you’ve done it…


You were very lucky.
Do not mistake your luck with the rng for an accessible system.


maybe like others have already said i got very lucky, but maybe with time it’ll be fixed too? but from my point of view the game is in a much more enjoyable state now, 100% better than its launch state


I don’t think so…
You can find 360 - 370 weapons in Brunt, without even selling a kidney.

However, finding a 375+ is an other scheme.
And, from my experience, higher is the quality, higher are the chances to find T4 perks / blessings. This, from the datas I have actually (25 weapons crafted) less impact on perk than on blessings.
So, if you want to find a T4 blessing, you should try to craft with 375+ weapons.

On the other points, I agree with you.
Game has progressed a lot on the right path. In my mind, things that need to be corrected are:

  • Brunt’s
  • Contracts

And the next patch announced (not officially but confirmed by Catfish), is a strong improvement of the gameplay.


Wait until october, my guy. That’s when >ZE PATCH< comes.


I kinda think the price is too high but Brunts is how i roll all of my weapons practically. The problem with crafting is no way to target blessing acquisition. I want slaughterer 3+ for a force sword but havent gotten it despite a fair few rolls. I don’t mind some RNG in my weapons but in my customizations, given i can select blessings once i have them, it feels wrong that i can’t grind for blessings.

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What I would do (but you do what you want, off course)

  • Complete contracts and check every days Melk’ shop. You can find blessings T4 at Melk (and T3 off course).
  • Craft 375+. You can find them at normal shop (and sometimes Melk). Better chances to get a T4 blessing, especially at orange (at the moment I write these lines, I have obtained 70% T4 blessings when crafted at orange, but only 12% for blue)

There are blessings I have obtained by Melk: PC, sunder, thrust T4 for Hammer etc… But to be fair, I have got them later by crafting (even PC but not Thrust for Hammer cause I crafted one excellent the first time).

But yes, the system is not good… we all know it… maybe they will think to something without any RNG and that can yet involves players in a progression? Really not hard to imagine lot of game mechanics that could meet these standards. However, I don’t think it will happen in DT 1.
So, my advice is to craft 375+ weapons you want and check Melk (and so have the lingots to buy an interesting weapon).


Considering it’s the most complained about aspect of the game, Fatshark’s upper management must be a bunch of obstinate braindead assholes to not OK the removal of all the crafting locks. As suggested by the community, a hefty diamantine fee for unlocking the third and fourth slots would be pretty fair considering diamantine is currently next to useless.

Rolling a 380 with good stat distribution is already incredibly unlikely. The game doesn’t need additional RNG layers.

Whenever Darktide’s equivalent of red weapons become available, I hope the base item score cap is 490 or higher, preferably just a flat, RNG-free 500. Every point in a future cap less than 480 would be a massive increase in RNG.


I’m honestly pretty afraid that the October patch is going to come with ‘boosters’ and other microtransaction nonsense alongside the Xbox port in order to wring more money out of the players.

I don’t think they care all that much if the game is left in a horrible state while they work on a big revamp of a system, just look at the state the mission board was left in for so long while they worked on Auric. It’s probably the same case with crafting.

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Welcome back, the game has definitely improved since when I started playing. Very much looking forward to October as well.

He said WHAT?!?

but seriously, consider yourself lucky


yeah i was probably wrong on it i guess lol, i’m trying learn better about the crafting system and i’m noticing that is considered by the community very unusual to find many 375+ base stats grey weapons from Brunt, mb i guess

Nah, dw about it. You just opend a can of worms that never closes and immediately you find yourself being bombarded by both sides of the discussion.

Just don’t let anyone tell you that it’s fine, because it’s not :wink:

That’s a serious problem… that needs a fix… with whatever system they want

It could be a system where you buy a weapon from Brunt but can upgrade its quality at an other shop with… diamantine…
A system like I proposed 5 bought without a 360, the 6th is at least 360+, 10 bought without a 370+, you get one at the 11th
There are plenty of solutions… I let them pick one or invent a new one… But Brunt is, actually, a failing feature.

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Ah yes, so polished

Losing literally 50% of your inputs now, the servers are so garbage anytime you take an action it’s a coin toss, will it register or not

Clearly the game is improving

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Whoa whoa. We don’t take kindly to positive affirmation about this game. Take that stuff elsewhere.

No but seriously, I’m super glad you’re happy.

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We need to open the can of worms again…who will start!

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