How to improve/fix HUNTSMAN (nerfed too hard by 1.0.82)


As the title, but first let me specify some points:

  • no one wants 1.0.8 damage (we know that he was op);
  • no one says that now is garbage (but just outperformed);
  • no one wants more damage against specials/horde, but just against bosses/CWs;

1.0.7 Huntsman was, more or less, well balanced career… in fact, in comparison with BH and Pyro, he had some disadvanges and some advantages:


  • his weapons are specials killer (bow, handgun) OR crowd control (blunderbuss, and it is also a “meh” weapons). While, weapons like beam, fire ball, volley can do everything;
  • he has not real infinite ammunitions (like 15 arrows recovered per shot with volley or literally infinite with zero overheat like beam). Also Huntsman can have a good bullets management but it isn’t so easy and it needs to renounce some damage like barrage or some talents);
  • his weapons need a good aim; we haven’t zoom and we have less time to aim heads in comparison with WS’s bow. Or again: try to hit a close range SV that “runs sideways” with bow/handgun and then with a volley. (these are just some examples, in order to avoid a too long thread);
  • his weapons are slow:
    • no istant fire;
    • slow rate of fire;
  • terrible weapons swap;
  • he needs headshot (for example using bow, his main weapons, he needs to aim head against stormer, leech, packmaster and globadier);


  • long range;
  • bosses damage (lost in 1.0.82);
  • CW damage (lost in 1.0.82); p.s: a CW killed by two bodyshot from bow under active, imho was good!

With latest patch, Huntsman has lost part of his advantages… Consequently he is just outperformed.
Furthermore his active is now just irrilevant, cause:

  • he gives us just (very) few more damage;
  • we can’t hit patrols anymore;
  • we can’t go through enemies;
  • we have only 5 seconds and we must to choose between damage and stealth (furthermore enemies will continue to attack us for some seconds)


As I have said, his damage against specials his very good… but he must recover his lost advantages (damage against bosses and CW), so very simply:

  • just make him like 1.0.7 (no one said that he was op… so why all these nerf?!);
  • during active give us auto-headshot without damage multiplier… so we could have more or less same 1.0.82 damage but we could exploit our talents.

In this way we could recover his advantages and give some sense to his active.

Other issues that must be fixed:

  • crounching animation during active;
  • fov reduction;
  • darker screen;

Thanks for the attention, goodbye Gentlemen.


Just return him how he was prior to 1.0.8 done. EASY. Problem solved. Even 1.08 would be good but id settle for 1.07 too. No need to do all of this.


Personally I want it to go back to 1.08. He did a amazing damage on bosses and died easily but he could pack a wallop. Would settle for 1.07. Now my Kruber is broken.


Yeah, I agree. As I have said, at least he should come back to 1.0.7.


Don’t really know what idiot thought of nerfing him. I remember finally playing him and I felt like I can do a lot with Ult->Headshot kill CW on Legend with Rifle or body-shot kill shielded vermins (finally someone CAN DO IT).

I thought “well, they finally get things right”.

But no, FS just proves again they know nothing about how to balance their own game.

Really, 1.0.82 is just as idotic as person responsible for balance.


I think he needs his ult changed a little:
When you use it you get 5 seconds of invis. When it ends, ot you shoot, you get 1.7 damage and guaranteed crits for 5 seconds. And all those useless annoying effects should dissapear the moment you leave invis.


I agree… the most ridiculous thing is that it would been enough to bring it to 1.0.7 version… more or less balanced… but nope, they are committed to destroying it.

Yeah, his active is the biggest problem.