[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch

Hunts seems fine to me right now.
My feeling is he is not worse than he was @ 1.0.7.
I played a bunch of legend maps with him last night.
With 20% power with active 25 talent, crit chance, power vs monster and chaos, decanter trait, he can still wreck bosses with a conc pot and x1 headshot CW with active.
I played him a lot in 1.0.7 and through to

He is very rewarding and fun when spec’d correctly.

IMHO decrease his CD a bit and remove crouching animation with active and he will be good to go!

Anyway…thats just my experience with him.
Also, 1 hand mace rules!


Weaker than 1.0.7, useless active, killing patrol role lost… but we still have darker screen and crounch animation with active and terrible weapon swap.

P.s we can’t full crit and power vs monster, we need 23% armoured/skaven and 6.5% chaos to reach some important breakpoints.


Its a straight up fact he is mathematically the weakest hes ever been there is no “git gud” factor here. Nothing you can do will allow you to reproduce what he used to be capable of. As Licious pointed out this is just part of a bigger problem where fatshark have a LOT of trouble balancing things. As I’ve said elsewhere on the forums a lot of people are upset about this particular patch because they swung and miss and really damaged a class that had a small dedicated group of people playing it. NOBODY cared WHATSOEVER about the state of huntsman 2 patches ago but now a character I’ve put hundreds of hours of farming into is made worse than hes ever been because a bunch of casual players who already had a vendetta about “RaNgEd MeTa” based their entire opinions of a misunderstood career around ONE PATCH which inadvertently broke him.

I do not ever think his boss damage this last patch was balanced but seriously go look up ANY article about huntsman before this last patch and everyone is asking for buffs…The broken damage had nothing to do with huntsman intrinsically they just screwed up the math and would rather make concessions for bad casual players and over-nerf him.


Im really sad to see Kruber and Bardin get nerfed. The only reason I began enjoying playing their Ranged careers was because they had autocrit on their ults, giving them a solid way to do damage and regen ammo. I understand it needed SOME nerf, but now Im back to playing as Sienna, Saltzpyre, and Kerillian because theyre the only ranged classes that can keep themselves topped up.
Kruber and Bardin have super weak ranged careers and its because they cant fire most situations without running dry.
Just give us back Ranged careers with infinite ammo.

EDIT: and kruber’s ult now feels very underwhelming, worse than Shade for boss damage, worse than shade for high difficulty Chaos Warrior killing.


How is it worse than shade though?
I can kill at least 2 CW with my active in legend w/headshots.
Thats about what shade can do right?
Ofc she has a shorter CD.

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Huntsman you can take talent and conservative shooter to get 3 ammo back on headshot. Or take increased crit talent + scrounger and regen on hordes. Or talent for 100% ammo on boss death…

Bardin drops ammo from specials and you can increase that with talent… Plus access to conservative shooter or scrounger.

Really easy to stay topped off on either career, unless you’re just spamming with bad aim.

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Hmm, been away for a week, but I could swear I didn’t have such a pronounced fisheye effect before. Feels like it doesn’t quite change with settings, either.
Edit: Seriously, this is horrible. I stand ~3 meters from lohner and at the screens edge he is twice as wide than in the center. I did not have that before. Maybe other players always had it look like that, I dunno.

It may have increased it automatically for some reason. You can increase/decrease it with the Field of View slider in video options.

stop changing the game rules every patch and give some new content and hats already. and why on earth is the green dust problem still exsist!?!


I stoped playing this game because of bull**** like that so I don’t care anymore therefore I will ask this question:

Dear Fatshark- what idiot from your team is responsible for blanace?? Because he/she clearly has NO IDEA what to do, how and every patch just assure me of that.

Huntsman nerfs? HIs Ult is now a joke. Huntsman was already barely played, he finally got good with his handgun buff. Now nerfed? This is riddiculous! Where are Pyro nerfs? Where is is BH nerf? Why nerfing Ranger???

This game will die long before mods come out because you can’t balance your game and that is because you HAVE NO IDEA what do you even want to do with it.

I was thinking about going back for some Huntsman Kruber action but seeing this I am glad I did not after 2 months.

Back to V1 with friends, whom I will surely tell not to waste money on V2. What a joke…

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I don’t feel so strongly about balance changes, this is something that can be easily adjusted over time if devs monitor statistics. This, however

is very true.

I appreciate any and all patches and adjustments and I’m eagerly awaiting mods and dust conversion, but the damage is done already and I just hope the playerbase won’t be cut in half yet again during the summer.


Also, people would not be so upset if the devs were a bit more open/active. We genuinely know nothing about what their plans are for the game. The DLC/mod support/dedicated server roadmap is gone, apparently there will be some cosmetic update “soon” ™ =weeks/months/years?

Are they even still working on the game? Have they moved on to a different project? We know nothing. All we get are these “balance” changes with zero explanation whatsoever.

I don’t really know…


It’s super rare you have the perfect set up to get a double CW kill as the Shade, and if you’re going by perfect conditions then a huntsmen was able to take out 5 CW in ult with longbow headshots before the patch. Even with a longer CD that still far from balanced especially when he’d kill bosses in 5 seconds with ult and pot.

Yes I’m not saying his ult wasn’t broken good before, just saying now it’s broken the other way and his kit/output in general doesn’t make up for it. He’s extremely clunky and while he used to have a solid identity as a heavy specialist, he’s now a sub-par WS in pretty much every way.


Played right he can still clear CW easier than every other ranged class besides BH, he’s still great at sniping out specials from afar, and still has insanely high boss dmg burst. The only spot he really falls behind the WS is in his ability to deal with hordes. Pop a strength pot with his ult and you still hit breakpoints and dmg cap without needing a crit.

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Only if you go balls out on power vs CW, which is something others don’t have to do. Even then, his performance will only be better than WS at ranged CW removal but still worse at it than other more versatile classes. That’s the core issue: his ult isn’t enough to justify him being worse overall than most other classes now. WS is way better in every other category and vs all other enemies. Her output vs bosses now is even on par with his, that’s how hard the nerfbat hit his ult.

Anyone with a STR pot shreds CW with or w/o ult. For him to need a STR pot and ult is a big deal. For him to need full on Power vs CW is a big deal. Being “usable” isn’t enough to justify the class in general.


Now Huntsman is just outperformed, and these are my reasons.

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In terms of raw damage I think he might be fine with a small increase to reduce the investment needed for 1 hit kill breakpoint (reaching it with just a charm could be good, as atm I think you need it on both charm and weapon).

But qol is what is really needed (as it seems to me), the one I think sounds really good is moving the buffs on the ult to only apply when you break stealth, so you can stealth and move for 5 seconds and then have better damage for 5 seconds.

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