How long 'till we're back to normal?

How long 'till “the Carnival” will stop being the only map in the game?

I get it it’s new, but 9 out of 10 quickplays are in that map, I’ve come to despise it.


It’s going to be up for 2 weeks

2 weeks is way too much…

Being bored for 30 minutes isn’t worth the 50-80 extra plasteel from quickplay, kindred!

But I empathize with your need for tubes!

I really like the map

But my god I’ve come to despise the sheer amount of dreg shooters and gunners at the end.

Also my god the amount of dreg ragers, had a game where we must have killed over 150 on regular damnation because they kept spawning in groups of 12-15 amongst regular enemies.


Elites seem to just have a lazy 2X modifier on their cooldowns and wave sizes on hi intensity variants now so they can really feel badly balanced at times. But having heretics to kill is never something to complain about. And the new zone encourages me to replay it more because the banter changes so much. Even the normal goon squad of Zola/Melk/Hallowette is encouraging by the mission’s end. But we also have Shipmistress Brahms finally broken out of the opening cutscene when Hadron oversees the mission, and Wolfer with his 2 subordinates bantering with Morrow if you get him. This, the gorgeous tileset and the fact that Nightsider/Warp Traveler are finally in game make me mind playing this one a lot less.

Not like Ascension Riser 31 which is mostly boring and reused assets, unlike the Sycorax level before that I also loved to replay.


Rager and Crusher / Mauler spam is real since this patch. If you don’t bring at least one weapon to melt carapace / maniac armor, you’re in a tough spot.

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I like (most of) the new map. I do agree that playing it on repeat for 2 weeks is a bit much though.

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Welcome to Fatshark needing to break their design (mission board) just so that new content can be picked on demand. IMO it would have been better if they added the new map to the board with its own slot for every difficulty, rather than taking one slot for each difficulty for the whole two weeks. Although if I’m wishing for that, I might as well just ask for difficulty and map selection.

On another note, Hab Dreyko Investigation has been kinda nuts on the final event, constant alternating waves of shotguns and ragers.


This in general is a problem with the mission board and it’s only been kind of Band-Aid fixed since launch.

A few maps i do want to try but once again the game has gone “lamo, hourglass toxin refinery” which makes me want to put my fist through my screen. At least now there are more missions so you are less likely to get a handful of ones you dislike but god it’s dull. Let me play the big elevator mission again.

Have you tried picking a different map?


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Oh boy, if only there was a repair in that.

So now youre crying about a specific map not being up while you use Quickplay? Hello?

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It’s both, quick play is flooded with the new map because it’s always up, but even if you elect to choose a map instead of quickplay, the map you want isn’t there because RNG trumps design and the new map has taken up a slot for the difficulty, further reducing choice.

It’s the issue with the design of the mission board in general.


I absolutely love it, FS please don’t fix.

Pretty much this, i always find it wild people will sit there and defend the mission board as if they are the ones who designed the dam thing and if they will fair to honor their family if it’s not defended 100% of the time.

Sorry my stance has not changed since launch. A randomized mission board where part of the achievements require you to play specific maps, is a crap system.

People defending it just look incredibly dumb whenever they try to.

Like if people want random missions we have a tool for that, it’s called Quickplay.


That’s not true, though. The other maps all are up.
OP is picking quickplay instead of choosing his map and that’s why he gets thrown into the new map all the time. The dynamic is really easy to decypher once you look more closely at it.

  • Quickplay is designed / coded to throw you into games with empty slots first
  • Most people play the new exciting thing, the new map
  • Most people also don’t know how to deal with the new challenge
    – As a result, more people die and leave in the new map, leading to more open spots
  • As a result, OP has a very high likelihood of being thrown into the new map with QP

The Solution is simple: Just don’t choose Quickplay. The game currently has 2 spots per board selection (normal, Auric) reserved for The Carnival. The other maps are still available.
OP simply has to forego the comfort of the Quickplay button and they will be able to play the other maps.

No poop, Sherlock.

Problem is the “exciting new map” is always on, it gives it an uptime no other map has, hence the problem.

I use quickplay because I don’t really care for the mission, but when there’s one map that’s contantly up it becomes monotonous.

It’s not a problem. It’s 2 slots per Mission Board out of all the slots. And so far the Carnival was never a Maelstrom mission, which are objectively the best missions anyway.

You’re making it a problem, because you can’t adapt your thinking to a simple, light-hearted 2 week long event.

Firstly, not true. You clearly do care because you made this thread.
Secondly, the solution has been presented. Just use one of the other buttons on the mission board.

2 weeks is probably bit too long but I totally get also those people who cant play on the first week and want to see the new map. I for instance could not play for the first 5 days of the update.

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