New Carnival Map needs a Monstrosity

Besides the very crazy pile up of gunners at the end(I’ve learned if the whole team is standing back far enough in the choke point area, they pile up onto the rafters on the left side and don’t bother coming down for some reason). It still needs a monstrosity spawn to end the run. You guys did a great thing with adding in the mons spawn in the consignment yard mission so it would be a chefs kiss to do it with the carnival. Please FS do this for us!


I’ll chime in and say - That’s rookie stuff.

Double Monster spawn. Randomized. With +10% health and damage. At minimum. GO!


That’s for sissies.

Monster gauntlet! You have to beat them all, including the Daemon Host.

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At once! And every time you take a single point Health Damage, Hadron chimes in over the voice comm and chides you for being a wuss who can’t block / dodge hits.

I do think the double monsters would be fun, though.


If they remove the sheer amount of gunners

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No. First the gunner spam, then when everyone is exhausted the double monstrosities.

That’d be ideal. Only a real diehard Tideplayer should be allowed to escape Hell’s Kitchen(sink).

No to the HP buff. I hate damage sponges. Stop increasing the HP of things.

Double? Triple that beech! Give use Chaos, Ogryn and Gurgle worm and call me stuffed! haha But for real at least fix the gunner spawn tho! The finale is easy when they stack out of sight through the whole fight

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Agreed. Monsters would force players out of their choke point and encourage use of the entire arena.

That’s the other thing i wanted to touch on but forgot to put up in the original post. Its cool to be strategic and use a choke point but there is way more room in this finale that is being untouched. Get us out of the corner and on our feet while we try to survive!

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